Top 11 best Rooting Apps for Android

11 Best Rooting Apps

Today we are going to discuss some of the best rooting Apps that are supported on your rooted Android device. The another great reason to root your device is the better battery life of your phone. It your phone is not rooted or unrooted then you can easily root your Android device easily.

Best Rooting Apps
Best Rooting Apps

These are the top 11 best rooting Apps for Android phone

1. SuperSU

This is the most obvious App in the list, so what exactly does it do. If you don’t have SuperSU on your device, then every root application that you install on your device will automatically acquire the root permission. The SuperSU App is developed by chain fire and SuperSU lets you manage the permission for rooted device. You can grant or deny, when you open the Application. It is considered to be the one of the best rooting App in most Android devices.

2. Quick Reboot

Quick Reboot saves your lots of time in long run. As it makes the rebooting process a bit easier. So when you open the Application, it will gives you three options Reboot, Custom recovery and Shutdown etc. Quick Reboot comes with other great options like rebooting your device to the Safe mode by going to the system page.

3. Flash Fire

So this application solves the serious problem that is once you have rooted your Android device, you cannot install the OTA. Even if you do so it will break down your root access and this is where Flash Fire comes in. As Flash Fire helps you to Flash OTA without breaking the root access. It also comes with other cool options like you can flash a zip file directly from the App. So you don’t need to boot into recovery mode.

4. AdAway

As we all know that Android Apps have a lot of integrated advertisements and they just ruin whole experience of using an App in the first place. AdAway stops all the ads from your Android browser and applications. You can disable or block almost all irritating advertisements that disturbs you, while you are working on your Android phone. To install this App make sure your Android device is rooted.

5. C.F Lumen

This App allows you to do two things. On is change the color temperature of your screen or other is to darken the screen overlay. So what this App does is it changes the brightness and color of your Android screen based on what time it is. So mornings are bright, evenings are oranges and nights are red.

6. DiskDigger

With the help of DiskDigger, you can recover accidentally deleted files in your Android phone. You can recover your deleted photos and videos in your Android phone. You always need to root access for this App. If you don’t have a rooted device, you can still try this Application. The pro version of this Application will get you the support for videos and audio files as well.

7. Nandroid Manager

With this application, you can take the complete Android backup from the App itself. You can also recover your backup without moving to the recovery. The only way to take a complete backup of your Android device is Nandroid backup which is the exact copy of your current OS. Which includes all your Apps, Data and Settings etc. The usual way to take a backup is, first you need to reboot into your recovery and starting backup process from there. At that time you phone would not be functional.

8. Drive Droid

With the help of Drive Droid, you can boot into any computer and have access to its hard drive directly from your Android device. So no need to use CD or USB for booting. The minimum OS for this App is about 30 – 35 MB, that means you can start from the scratch and boot into the OS in less than 10 minutes.

9. Greenify

This App is designed to work on various devices. Weather the device is rooted or not. But still Greenify works better in rooted version. The App doesn’t works by its own, you need to specify the Apps you like to hibernate and make sure you pick the Apps wisely.

10. Recently

As this App only removes the non-active Apps in your Android device. You can also specify the number of the applications or Apps running in the recent Apps.

11. Titanium Backup

It is one of the most powerful backup application in the play store. Unlike the download manager, a Titanium Backup can only take the backup of App data and Apps.

So try these smart Apps and make your Android phone much more active than before.

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