How chocolate is made | How chocolate is produced ?

How chocolate is produced

How chocolate is made – Everybody loves Chocolate, as Chocolate is nutritious and has a lots of great properties for your health. Chocolate comes from a plant that is native to Central America and they actually will takes the beans off of the plant and that is called the cocoa bean. This cocoa bean is used to process and make chocolate. Chocolate is created in various forms and sells into companies which manufactures chocolate products for retail sale. It also supplies Chocolate components such as cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Most of the cocoa beans comes from West Africa, which grows seventy percent [70%] of the world’s crop.

How chocolate is made
How chocolate is made

So how chocolate is made up of ?

a. How chocolate is made or produced.

b. Where does chocolate come from.

c. How chocolate is made from cocoa beans.

A conveyor belt moves through a cleaning system with a series of SIVs that screen out twigs stones and other debris. The next is the Micronizer revolving drums that heats the cocoa beans to loosen their shells.  Then comes the shell removing machine called a winnower inside successive rakes drag the beans, pulling across large pieces of shell. A vacuum sucks away the remaining smaller pieces removing the shell exposes the inside of the cocoa bean which is called the nib. Then the factory will roast the nibs to develop their flavor. Fifty plus percent of the nib is fat which is cocoa butter to make chocolate. Then they will combine processed nibs cocoa butter and sugar along with milk powder, if they are making milk chocolate.

Factory processes for chocolate

The process of making chocolate in a factory

First the factory processes the nibs by grinding them. The heat and friction activate the cocoa butter producing pure liquid chocolate called chocolate liqueur. Then the factory extract some of the cocoa butter to sell it separately as chocolate making ingredient and to use for In-house chocolate production along with other ingredients in various proportions. The recipe for unsweetened chocolate contains no sugar. The mixer blends the ingredients to the consistency of a very thick cake batter. The chocolate flavor is fine by this point but coarse texture needs to be smoothed out. So the chocolate moves to a refining machine passing between a set of five rollers. That five rollers reduce the particle size so much, that with in just minutes the chocolate leaves the refiner as a fine dry powder. But now it needs to be re-liquefied.

How chocolate is made
How chocolate is made

The next step is a machine called a conch, the friction and heat once again activate the cocoa butter returning the powder to a liquid state. At this point they add more cocoa butter enough to reduce the viscosity to the exact thickness they need just a bit.

Chocolate chips

For making chocolate chips, the conch feeds a machine called a drop depositor. It deposits drops of chocolate onto a conveyor belt. The nozzle trays are interchangeable, so the machine can be set up to produce various sizes of chips discs or other types of shapes. The chocolate chips still warm and soft enter a cooling tunnel traveling for about five minutes through several temperatures zones which vary between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When the chips exit the tunnel, they are hard. Then a conveyor belt then takes them through a metal detector, as a standard food safety precaution.

The factory also produces ten pounds format chocolate bars. A depositor fills bar shaped plastic molds. The conveyor transfer them to an elevator system, which moves through a cold room for about 2 hours. This constant motions ensures optimal air circulation helping the cooling process.

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