How to control or access PC using iPhone

Access PC using iPhone

Today we are going to discuss that how to control or access PC using iPhone. So how you can control your computer from iPhone. It is really easy to link your iPhone to your computer. So the first thing you need to follow is to go ahead and download TeamViewer. The TeamViewer is basically an application that allows you to control another device from the current device you have it downloaded on. It is one of the most useful application in the remote desktop. TeamViewer allows you to connect to your home computer from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection available. You need to have it on both computer and iPhone. For example – We are going to download one for our computer and then we are going to download it on our iPhone device.

access pc using iphone
iPhone to desktop

Latest version TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer

You are going to download and install the setup file, which is the exe extension file, which is going to be the installation wizard you just want to run this. After installation TeamViewer, you can see an ID and Password. We are going to need these, when we go on to the iPhone and we want to take control of the PC or computer. So now we need to go ahead and head over to the iPhone.

In the iPhone, we just want to go to the App store and just type team viewer. So go ahead and download the TeamViewer remote control and install it to your iPhone. Then go ahead and open it, you all need to know right now. It’s going to ask your team viewer ID and this is where the ID is shown on your PC. You just need to go ahead and type this ID on to your iPhone. After putting your TeamViewer ID, you then go ahead and click remote control once you are done.

Now you will see its going to connect here and also asking for the password. You will see awaiting authentication after putting password, and that just means we are awaiting to put the password in. So after putting the password, you will see the screen on the PC is gone black and we are actually gained access from the iPhone. Don’t worry about the black desktop screen, when you are going to end the session of TeamViewer , it is going to come back and everything is going to be restored.

access pc using iphone
TeamViewer remote control

Access computer files from iPhone

You can now see the controls on the iPhone

  1. Tap to click
  2. The tap and hold is right click
  3. Drag to mouse movements
  4. Pinch to zoom
  5. Two finger drag to scroll
  6. Double tap and drag on the screen

After pressing continue, you will now see your PC desktop. Just turn your iPhone around and use your finger. As you can see the mouse moves on your PC or computer. Now your PC is connected to the iPhone and you can now access PC using iPhone. With the help of iPhone you can open your web browser and change the URL by using keyboard in the iPhone.

access pc using iphone
access pc using iphone

With the help of TeamViewer, you can share the screen of both iPhone and desktop. Using TeamViewer, you can access PC using iPhone. So you can download TeamViewer from the official website –

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