What’s new in HTC U11 | Price, Features & Specifications

What’s new in HTC U11

In terms of overall aspects HTC U11 ticks all the right boxes. This phone comes with the 64 gigabytes of internal storage with additional storage via micro SD. With the latest snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM, the phone is just as fast as fluid as expected. The touch and scrolling response is excellent and it runs Apps and high end games with no issues at all. The multitasking is also quick and nice but it’s quite aggressive with closing Apps after only opening around 5 or 6 not.

Image credits: HTC

The HTC U11 comes with the solid slab of two pieces of glass with an aluminum frame. As it is sandwiched in between rounded corners and curved edges along both the front and rear panels for a very seamless and comfortable design. But the thing that makes the U 11 standout is the liquid glass surface on the rear panel. It’s very unique in eye catching and some of the colors can shift and change depending on the angle with different lights.

HTC U11 Audio Quality

The HTC U11 features the same woofer and speaker combo as on HTC 10. It is much louder with better clarity of sound. For the internal audio, the U11 doesn’t have a headphone jack. As there is a 3 ½ millimeter to USB Type C adaptor to let you plug in any headphones of your own choice. This will also provide you with a much better audio quality.

HTC U11 IP Rating

Another improvement the HTC has made on the U11 over previous versions is the IP rating. The HTC U11 is IP67 certified, which is a huge step up from the IP53, which is on HTC 10. So if you plan on getting it wet or dusty, this phone is can survive being submerged in water.

HTC U11 Display

The front of U11 consists of capacitive keys and a home button with a finger print sensors. As it works quite well at unlocking the phone with accuracy and speed etc. The HTC U11 has 5.5 inch HD display with 16:9 aspect ratio and surrounded by a pretty thick bezel. The quality of the screen itself is fantastic with gorilla glass 5 all over which should be pretty protective. The display is very sharp and crisp with excellent viewing angles, contrast and vibrant colors. Moreover this phone is extremely glossy, the display in HTC U11 is plenty bright. So the outdoor visibility is also quite good or we can say that it’s a good looking screen. As HTC spent a lots of time clearly trying to make the screen to the back view almost bezel.

HTC U11 Android Version

The HTC U11 is running on Android 7.1 with familiar features like vertical scrolling App drawer and HTC custom themes. The big standout feature in HTC U11 is the new edged sensed technology, which is basically HTC shortcut for accessing different functions or Apps on your Android phone. You can squeeze the phone, you can almost use it like two separate buttons. Aside from Google assistance you also have HTC sense companion. As this will provide you suggestions based on your location or time and also learns your phone usage habits over time. But for any voice assistance, you will still be relying on Google assistance for any voice dictation because HTC U11 doesn’t have a voice component.

HTC U11 Battery

The battery life on the HTC U11 is extremely good with 3000 mAp. As it does have a quick charge 3.0 to make the charging process quick and easy.

HTC U11 Camera

The U11 camera holds the highest ratings for a smart phone camera. The main camera on the back is a new 12 megapixel sensor and it is optically stabilize with a bright F 1.7 aperture. It’s also leveraging a new feature called HDR boost that will auto process every picture as HDR to provide you the clearest and the most well balanced photo. The front facing camera no longer has optical image stabilization like HTC 10. For much higher resolution, you are getting 16 MP camera for capturing sharper and better looking selfies. Moreover it is also capable of capturing the photos using HDR boost. The camera provides you with a plenty of detail with natural colors.

HTC U11 Price

US – $649.00

INR – Rs. 51,990

HTC U11 Specs

Camera – 12 MP, f/1.7

Resolution – 1440 x 2560 pixels

Protection – Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Memory – 64 GB, 4 GB RAM

Sensors – Fingerprint

Battery – 3000 mAh

Credits: HTC

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