What is IMAX at the cinema? The IMAX experience 3D

So what exactly is IMAX?

If you love movies then IMAX movies are best to watch. The IMAX screen is massive that is 22 meters wide & 16.1 meters tall as compared to regular theater. A regular theater is 12 meters wide & 5.1 meters tall.  The technology behind I-MAX screen is the best way to experience movies. So the IMAX Corporation is a Canadian company. Its initials stands for image maximum. It is established in 1960s & been developing high tech hardware for both producers & movie theaters.


Everything from movie to the theater was carefully designed to make you believe you are the part of the action. Whenever you are sitting in a theater, you still have a perfect view of the screen. This is called the IMAX experience because everything inside the theater was designed to match specific standards to create an immersive experience.

IMAX sound systems

The sound in the IMAX is probably as impressive as the picture size. It is so obsessed with the sound quality that if anyone in the theater manually adjust the speakers on side, an IMAX technician can reset the control remotely from an I-MAX network center. The IMAX Theater is the first one to offer dual state of the art projection creating life like images in a crystal clear resolution.


So you will be getting, a twice as brightness of a regular theater. To match such big & massive scream with a perfect resolution, you gonna have a perfect sound. As the I-MAX features laser align sound to create an immersive experience & an endless sweet spot. I-MAX uses a proprietary system of microphones. The speakers are also constantly designed for their specific location. Each theater is built differently in I-MAX understands this & designs tailored sounds systems for each individual location.

When you go into a theater, you will notice that the walls online with fabrics has some sound insulation. This is the true listening experience or cutting down of any sound from adjoining clear rooms. If the movie is playing, it has to be converted or made for IMAX in a process known as DMR [Digital Remastering]. The I-MAX Company works closely with the producers, so everything you see in the Theater has to be converted & go through this process. This is called the IMAX experience.

IMAX 3D movie theater

The IMAX has recently introduced a new technology known IMAX with lasers. Moreover it provides bottomless blacks true colors & a completely new experience of projection. When you see or hear the taglines of shot with I-MAX cameras, those sequences are going to look absolutely gorgeous on screen. The I-MAX cameras are really heavy, loud & expensive. Moreover they also take a long time to reload film & have very limited options on camera rings. The I-MAX seating puts viewers much closer & higher to the screen because you are closer to the screen, you are less aware of the edges of the screen allowing the film to become more of an experience. As it also does change the screen shape.


The screen is slightly curved inward to help give you that immersion feeling. Being closer makes an image on the screen looks better because the projector is also closer to the screen. When a projector is closer to the screen, it does leave as much as of light in travel from projector to screen giving a brighter image for the audience.

List of some I-MAX movies

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