Top 9 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Animation/Animated Movie

Common Animation Mistakes

Watching the subtle movement of characters, frames, objects and even fonts indulge us completely. It looks so tempting that one cannot get eyes off them. However, ever wonder how much efforts are required to create such smoothness in animation.

An animation is something that if created perfectly can generate thousands of potential outcomes, but a single inconsistency can lead the entire efforts down the drain. The animator has to keep in check a great deal of stuff from frame timings to transition rates, trends of the industry to buyer’s persona or preferences of the target audience. They have to keep the freshness of the plot intact along with using graphics that can engage the viewers.


Though the end result is massive one has to struggle to reach the shore. In the battle to produce fascination through animation, many animators fall behind by making serious mistakes.

So save yourself from ruining your animation, learn about the common mistakes that can destroy your work, Read on!

1. Seeking Reference to Get Inspired Not To Imitate

From the tips of seeking reference, many misjudge the concept. They think that references are there to copy but that’s where the main issue arrives. References help you to clear your doubts and to learn more. They help you to broaden your scope about animation techniques.

You think you can create a particular movement keeping shadow work intact but then you come across a creation where using subtle transitional effects the animators have drawn the movements. So that’s what it is. You get more options to lay and you get better exposure to innovate rather than simply copying the techniques laid down by others offering video animation service.

2. Over Tricky interface – Preferring Complexity

It’s not necessary to go the hard way just to prove how brilliant you are when using simple frames and tricks you can deliver thousands of meanings. Most animators prefer using complexities in their work, which creates clusters and confusions hindering their efforts to unfold excellence.

3. No Strategy

Even if you plan on creating a mere promotional animated ad you must intact it with a strategy. Products having no strategy cannot generate potential outcomes. It’s important to give your animation a base or foundation to thrive. A video with a particular goal and purpose can be encouraging to view and will enjoy the enhanced online exposure.

4. Going off Brand

When it comes to animation produces for a promotional purpose, animators fail to keep the brand identity intact with the content. From using irrelevant color schemes to making characters that can influence the brand personality in a negative way, the video gets rejected in the public eye and receives a downward performance graph.

5. Ignore Little Problems

Your animation if flawless can only be able to capture attention and produce your required outcomes. To achieve such results you must keep a check on the little problems early on without any delays. If you keep on ignoring the slight issues obvious in your production, you may have to cost a lot.

6. Don’t plan

As you know that in animation, the entire story is plotted on frames. From keyframes to supporting frames, every single movement is divided using frames, so now think that you start your animation without a proper storyline or planning as to how you are going to divide, what would be your end product? Therefore, make a proper plan and then dip your hands in the production work.

7. Rush Into the Details

You may think that by working on the curls of hair to wrinkles appearing on the face can elevate the standards of your animation. But what about the subtle movements your character was supposed to make. The hand shift, the shoulder gestures and the eye movement as the mouth begins to speak. You need to work on the secondary movements before going for little detailing.

8. Focusing On a Single Thing More

Though you are in love with your created animated character and you want to give your full dedication to it but you cannot ignore the entire setting from background to elements, colors to theme just to enhance the outlook of your character. Animators fail to understand the fact that a video requires complete dedication and importance to its every section.

9. Forget the Purpose

Sometime in the urge to keep the animation, best of the best animators forget the reason for making it. In a promotional video, let suppose the purpose was to spread awareness and in the attempt to produce fascination you left behind the core reason and you simply focused on keeping the appeal.

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