Top 3 Reseller Web Hosting Provider in India

Reseller Web Hosting Providers in India

Reseller hosting is creating a buzz in the web hosting market as it has become one of the sources of income that gives the opportunity to anyone to start their own web hosting company. It is the simple concept that only requires a good amount of experience in the hosting industry. Moreover, it is a great option in comparison to other online businesses like eCommerce and any technology firm. If you are a web designer and developer, then reseller hosting is an ideal option for you to begin your web hosting company for extra income. This post will guide you to know the top 3 reseller hosting providers in India that will help you to start your own reseller business at an affordable cost.

What is Reseller business?

In reseller hosting, you buy a reseller hosting plan from the web hosting company and create packages of your own by diving the resources and sell under your own brand. You will get multiple features like cPanel, WHMCS Software, storage space, and bandwidth, etc. This will help you to manage your own new cPanel in which you can set up your plans and give pricing accordingly. In short, you create various shared accounts under the prime account.

What is Managed Reseller hosting?

Managed Linux Reseller Hosting allows you to sell the service confidently to the clients. For instance, if your existing customer faces any issue on the website, your hosting provider is responsible to manage everything on your behalf. Moreover, you are not asked to pay anything extra for managing the service as you only pay for the reseller hosting plan. This gives space to run the business easily without any troubles.

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The reason behind selecting Reseller hosting

You can set up your business with a minimal investment in which you don’t need to manage the server. You get the opportunity to start your reseller business using the white label feature. You can create own customer database and add new hosting subscriptions. If you are looking for Windows Reseller Hosting? Check MilesWeb Windows reseller plan.

Top 3 Reseller Hosting Provider in India

There are various web hosting providers available in the market and this has created the tough competition in the web hosting industry. On the other hand, the customer also gets confused between the providers and often ends up selecting a bad provider. However, selecting the wrong provider will lead to worst consequences like the business failure, frequent downtime and more. I will highlight the three reseller hosting providers that you can consider for buying the reseller hosting plan.

1. MilesWeb

It is an Indian based web hosting company founded in 2012 and located in Nashik, Maharashtra. They have become one of the best hosting choices for the people to buy hosting. Their Linux reseller hosting plan motivates people to start their own business and be your own boss. For reseller hosting, they offer three server locations that are India, USA, and the UK. They offer plans in reseller hosting that follow below:

web hosting

web hosting

From the above snaps, you can buy any plan depending on your requirement. Additionally, they offer good discounts on all the plans. The three main benefits of selecting the MilesWeb are 30 days money back, 24*7*365 support and a 99.95% uptime guarantee. They also provide cross-selling hosting add-ons like website backup and restore, Google analytics and webmaster, Sitelock, Whois ID protection, SpamExpert, dedicated IP, domain registration, etc. If you want to know more, you can contact their support team as they are available 24*7 to serve you. They are reachable via chat, email, and phone.


A2 hosting stands at the second position in this list and they provide all kinds of hosting services at a competitive price. Their Linux reseller hosting consists of 4 plans that are mentioned below:

web hosting

From the above snaps, you can purchase any plan based on your requirement. You also get coupons on all plans. If you compare A2 hosting plans with MilesWeb, you will notice that in terms of price, MilesWeb is affordable. Moreover, all plans of MilesWeb reseller hosting + Free WHMCS consist of a feature called “Free WHMCS”, whereas A2 hosting’s, only three plans consist of a feature called “Free WHMCS”.

They provide 24*7*365 days support and are reachable via chat, email, and phone. If we talk about uptime, A2 hosting provides 99.9 percent uptime whereas MilesWeb provides 99.95 percent uptime. Whenever you feel you are not satisfied, then you can ask for the refund as A2 hosting offers anytime money back guarantee feature.

3. HostingRaja

Last but not least, HostingRaja stands on 3rd position in this list. They provide three plans for Linux reseller hosting that are mentioned below:

web hosting

From the above-mentioned snaps, you can see that HostingRaja reseller hosting plan starts at Rs. 525/mo, whereas MilesWeb reseller hosting plan starts at Rs.290/mo. In terms of pricing, MilesWeb is ahead than Hostingraja. If we talk about support, HostingRaja’s Gold plan of reseller hosting includes a feature called “High priority support” whereas the other two plans include a feature called “Low priority support”. It means if you pay more then only you will get qualitative and high priority support service.

In terms of support, MilesWeb provides equal support for all the reseller hosting plans than HostingRaja. No matter whatever is the price of your plan MilesWeb support team is available 24*7*365 to offer support service. For uptime, HostingRaja provides 99.9 percent uptime and MilesWeb provides 99.95 percent uptime.

Bottom Live:

With the top-notch web hosting provider, you can study the comparison and select the best reseller hosting provider to host your website. As per my view, The MilesWeb is the genuine option for you as compared to A2 Hosting and HostingRaja. To know more about MilesWeb, you can check MilesWeb review online or visit their website.


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