The Top 6 Best Multiplayer PC Games of 2018

Top Best Multiplayer PC Games

PC Games: The word “Game” always excites our mind and from kids to even older people now enjoy spending the quality time playing games of various kinds. It is always fun to play the multiplayer games with our friends as it not only brings happiness but also makes us enjoy some thrilling, exciting moments together. There are many multiplayer pc games available in the market which are designed and developed by the top companies having several years of expertise in the game development.

Let us have a look at some of them which are worth trying out.

Best Multiplayer Games PC


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PUBG is one of the best multiplayer games of 2018 which has captured the attention of the whole gaming market. 100 people on an isolated island, searching for the mighty weapons and fighting with the enemies till death. The awesome graphics of the game will definitely make you fall in love with it. The constant tension, sheer pressure to keep your existence until the last breath and use the armors skillfully for your protection is the challenging task of the game.

Fortnite Royal Battle

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Royal Battle Fortnite

Fortnite Royal Battle is the best multiplayer game for pc currently available in the market and game lovers have gone crazy for this game. The amazing development of the game by the famous game development company called the Epic has made possible for the game to reach out to the audience and make them enjoy the battle. Frequent updates released by the company adds new and better features to the game. The battle fought on an isolated island against the enemies requires a great team-work and use of the mighty weapons found on the island. The mission to fight till the last breath against the deadly enemies is a whole new challenge in all. Gather your friends at home and enjoy the thrill of this game!

Rocket League

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A new and innovative game developed by the Psyonix is a wonderful game to be played with your friends. This multiplayer game called the Rocket League is a car football game, isn’t that sound great? The game developers of Psyonix have implemented the laws of Physics so well that a wonderful creation of the game has resulted. Gather your friends on a weekend at your place and enjoy the thrill of the cars playing the football. The precise union of supercars and the football makes the game still more interesting. Must try it out the new adventure of this game!

Dota 2

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Valve Developers

The amazing and mostly loved by each and every professional game lover is the Dota 2 by the Valve developers. The wonderful pc game with the excellent graphics makes you have a quality gaming time playing it. The super creatures with the mighty powers are the heart of the game. The challenge to defeat the opposition makes the game more interesting and engaging. Have the thrill while you play this game with your friends and colleagues!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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One of the best gaming series in the world is the Counter-Strike by the Valve. As they have come up with a new version called the Counter-Strike Global Offensive which has the killing graphics. The original concept and the maps are the same. But the thrill and the features in the game have been doubled. The demanding precision with the mouse click and the spectator controls are the same with absolute comfort while playing the game. This game involves strategy, team play, aiming skill over the sniper rifles and guns and the urge to defuse the bomb planted by the terrorists within time. There is no doubt that the game is a must play the game currently available in the market.

Fifa 18

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EA Sports

No explanation is to be given for the Fifa gaming series. As we all are aware of the absolutely stunning graphics of the game which make us immediately fall in love with the game. The Fifa 18 is also one of its type with awesome graphics. This game is available for PS4, Xbox One,  and Nintendo Switch platforms. The EA sports have kept the pros and cons of the previous series in mind. As they have incorporated the latest features in the development of Fifa 18. Enjoy playing football with this game with your friends and colleagues!

Thus, these were the best multiplayer PC games currently booming the gaming market and providing an exciting experience to the gamers in completing the absolutely fantastic and challenging missions. Hope you will also have a wonderful gaming experience playing these marvelous games in your extra time!.

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