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Amazon FBA

It is no surprise that Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) has completely transformed the way merchants sell their products. When they first started their service in 2006, it was a groundbreaking idea for those who wanted to expand their business.

amazon fba

Sellers can use their expanded network of fulfillment centers to store, pack and deliver orders to their customers with a minimal amount of fees.

So how exactly do they work or what technology does Amazon uses to enhance the user experience. As well as to make the whole process more efficient.

Amazon FBA centers are spread across the USA and Canada but there are only 23 centers which you can visit in the United States and Canada. Here is the list of these centers provided by Amazon. The only issue is the long waiting but we guess it’s worth it. You can then see how the magic occurs after you tick ‘buy’ on

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Human-Robotic Symbiosis – Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA warehouses are a constant spot for activities. The machines and human work together in perfect harmony. One of their unique perspectives is to bring the shelves to humans rather than taking humans to those shelves.

Small robots are used to drive the shelves back and forth. So workers find it easier to place or ship orders or rearrange them in perfect rows.

The process is more efficient than having humans walk around different aisles to find a product and saves time as well. Moreover, Amazon is still working on exploring ways to automate the process of picking up products off the shelves.

Amazon Personalize

Amazon personalize is a product that provides real-time recommendations.

It’s a machine learning service that provides recommendations for each individual customer based on their buying pattern. Its applications do not limit theirs.

People use Amazon Personalize to recommend product or content, tailored search results, and targeted marketing promotions. It notices every touch point along the costumer’s journey. The technology is used by to provide you recommendations based on your buying behavior.

amazon fba

Dash Buttons

When Amazon first introduced this concept in 2015, it was so far-fetched that people thought of it as an April fool’s joke. However, Amazon later made a post regarding how they have already developed such technology. The appliance offers easy order placement of regularly purchased goods.

For instance, if you’re running low on a product you can simply hit a button that represents that item. The quantity preset by the user gets delivered to their doorstep.

Amazon Fresh

Online grocery shopping goes back to 1990s. However, Amazon is the only company to achieve lasting success in this field.

So it works by allowing users in certain geographic markets to place grocery order from Amazon’s vast inventory, a truck then delivers their groceries on the same day or in the worst case the next day.

What to expect from Amazon in the Future [ Amazon FBA ]

Even still, there is more to expect from Amazon and other e-commerce platforms in the future. Technologies like Dash button or Amazon Personalize have surely exceeded our limit of imagination regarding the future. Nevertheless, it’s getting competitive and by the looks of it, we can safely say that Amazon is leading.

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