How to root android phone using KingRoot App

Root Android phone using KingRoot App

Today we are presenting a one click method, on how to root Android phone with KingRoot. As it is the fantastic one touch universal rooting tool for rooting mobile phones. It is a one click method for rooting process that root every Samsung device out there. This is the true one touch rooting method that means you need to only install App on your phone and hit the root button.

Root Android phone
Root Android phone

With the help of KingRoot, one can root the following devices like – Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Grand etc. So you don’t need to connect your phone with the computer or flash anything. As it is the easiest and the safest method of rooting any Android device.

At this present moment your device is not rooted if you check from Root check or Root checker basic App.

For this rooting process, you don’t need any computer or a flash drive in order to root your Android phone. You only need an App or application called KingRoot.

You can download this App here – Download kingroot

It is available for both PC and APK installation. Once you downloaded the file in your mobile phone, the next step is to install it in your phone. Once the program is installed, you will be greeted by an application where it is going to scan if your phone is rooted or not. You then need to wait for few seconds for the scan to finish.

First of all, it says the root access is unavailable for your device. So all you have to do is to click on Start root button. It prompts you a message with Start rooting. Make sure that you are connected to the internet during the entire process. It will download some important files to root your device. The entire process doesn’t takes a lots of time. Now it will take a few minutes to process your request. During the entire period, do not touch your device or open another App. Finally it is going to automatically root your phone. A root successful message appears after few seconds of delay. So now your phone has been rooted.

Root Android phone
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After rooting, you will see an App on your phone called Kinguser, similar to SuperSU, as the root manager to your Android device. If you open Kinguser App, it will show you first screen stating ‘Successfully Obtain Root’ which means your device is rooted. Here are the two basic options of Kinguser App.

Root Authorization

You can also manage all those App in your phone that requires root, with the help of Root Authorization option.

Uninstall Tool

By using this uninstall tool, you can remove a pre-installed Apps on your device and hidden Apps that you do not use. So be very careful dealing with system Apps.

Root Android phone check

To check your android phone has been rooted or not. You just need to download an App called Root check. It will ask for root access and so you are going to allow it. Now your phone has been successfully rooted. Through Kingroot, you can almost root any Android device or a tablet running on any Android version without a PC. The best thing about the Kingroot App is that, it makes rooting way easier, faster and possible for a wider range of Android users. Kingroot works on old as well as on new or latest devices. You just need to update the latest version of Kingroot, for newer mobile phones.

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