How to repair Windows 10 using advanced option

Repair Windows 10 using advanced option

Today we are going to discuss about corrupt Windows 10 and how to repair Windows 10 using advanced option. So we are looking for the windows 10 automatic repair using advanced options. This facility will help you to repair your windows 10 OS. Sometimes windows corrupted automatically due to some common issues that results in slow boot, boot loops, blue screen of death, driver issues, corrupt registry, Hang while surfing or some third party programme issues etc. These all are the most common issues some people are facing on their daily basis.

Through this trick you can repair:

a. Repair windows 10 startup

b. Repair windows 10 boot loop

c.  Repair windows 10 corrupt files

d.  Repair windows 10 startup problems

e.  Repair windows 10 corrupt registry

Fix Windows 10 errors

repair Windows 10
repair Windows 10

So we go through fixing up this problem from the desktop itself. For this you nee to click on start button and then go to settings [Start -> Settings]. In the settings panel, scroll-down and click on the update and security option. Click on the recovery option in the update and security. After that you will see an option called Advanced start-up.

“Start up from a device or a disc [USB or DVD], Change Windows start up settings or restore Windows from a system image. This will restart your PC.”

repair Windows 10
repair Windows 10

So this is the main area we are focusing. Just press Restart now button, as to restart Windows 10 for errors. This option will restart your PC. After that click on the option Troubleshoot for resetting your PC or see advanced option as to repair Windows 10 for further process. After clicking Troubleshoot, you will see two options available that is Reset this PC and Advanced options. Select Advanced options for further process. As there are five options in the Advanced option tab that is System restore, Command prompt, System Image recovery, Start up setting and start up repair.

repair Windows 10
repair Windows 10

The next step is to click on Start-up Repair, as it will fix problems that keep Windows from loading. Next screen will prompt “Preparing Automatic Repair”. The next screen you will see is the Start up repair with your current account. Login to your account and press continue button. The next screen will be Diagnosing your PC for any further issues and start up fixing. After this process your system should backup and fixed.

repair Windows 10
repair Windows 10

That’s how you can run the automatic repair in Windows 10 using Advanced options.

Understanding Windows Advanced options

System Restore – It restore your PC back again like before. Through system restore, you can achieve your PC back to default.

System Image Recovery – it is basically recovering a PC with the help of an Image file.

Start-Up Repair – It is used to repair the start up or boot problems.

Moreover you can also boot up your system with the help of recovery CD or Disk, if your PC is not able to boot properly.

Reset Windows 10

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You can also reset your PC or system having Windows 10 with the help of advanced option. For this go back to troubleshoot and click on Reset PC. This will reinstall Windows 10 back to default.

repair Windows 10
repair Windows 10

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