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Your happily-ever-after isn’t just a dream anymore! Thanks to some of the most trusted real estate apps out there. You don’t have to be unsure even in the slightest while making probably the most important investment of your life: buying your perfect home. For an average person, investing in a real estate takes up every last penny of their lifelong savings.

Which real estate site is most accurate

real estate apps

Would you trust just any dealer with such a major part of your hard earned money? House hunting becomes a lot easier and productive if you use real estate apps. Furthermore, you can even put your property up for sale and make big money or buy a cheap apartment in Singapore.

What is the best house hunting app


best real estate apps for investors

Here is a list of the best real estate apps for buyers in 2019.


Probably the most popular real estate app among buyers is Zillow. Although this was the first app to tell the sellers the value of their property. As it’s also a recommended choice for buyers. It allows you to browse homes and their prices by location. It also allows the buyer to customize their search based on other criteria.


Another excellent choice, especially if you are looking for a discounted price, is this brokerage firm. It also offers a handy app where you can find your next home. The biggest advantage of using RedFin is that it charges a much lower fee than a regular agent as a result of which you end up saving thousands of dollars when buying a property.


Although Homesnap is a relatively newer app as compared to many others, the advanced features that are included and the up-to-date real estate listings make it one of the best real estate apps. Of course, the app comes with the usual search tools that almost every other real estate app will offer. In addition, it also supports in-app chat to share pictures of the house and discuss it with family, friends, and agents.


Other than the active search for properties, Xome also helps you make use of the real estate auctions. What’s great about these auctions are that you may find your next property at a cheaper price than the market value. Then when you’re ready to sell it, you will put up a higher price and make bigger profits! Improved search tools and innovative features are some of the other strong suits of Xome. It will let you filter searches by price, the number of bedrooms, area, nearby schools and other things. You can also use the same app to ask questions regarding the property from agents and schedule a visit.


Another major hit among real estate apps for Android and IOS devices is Realtor. It offers a powerful search tool which claims to offer a wider and up-to-date collection of real estate as compared to any other app. What’s more? It even gives you an estimated price of properties that aren’t yet for sale. You can even also find a real estate agent through the same forum that may help you out with your search.

Realtor, with updations in its listings after almost every fifteen minutes, offers the most for-sale homes in its database to browse through than any other application. You can even search its listings on the basis of several useful metrics. Like location, size, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. All in all, if you want to look for a house with your specifications, Realtor is the app to go for! You will most likely find a house to your liking there among its huge but filtered search results.

Bonus Apps

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Many other real-estate applications would make the cut into a list of which apps are the most useful in your search for the best property listing. Some other big names include Trulia. A fun fact about which is that it offers local information. Like crime statistics about the neighborhood in which you will be looking for houses. Movoto is another app which, owing to its simplified UI that is appropriate for its motto. Like make real estate easy, makes it worth mentioning.

Now that you have an idea of which apps will make your property or house hunting adventure more seamless. As you can download some of them and start hunting!

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