The Killer iPhone 7 Plus Camera Upgrade Megapixels

iPhone 7 camera

The iPhone 7 Camera – Today we are going to talk about Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus cameras. A lots of conversation are going on regarding the iPhone 7 camera. As Apple did a great job in making the better quality cameras in iPhone7  & iPhone 7 Plus. Through both iPhone 7  & 7 Plus, any can take a professional photo because the Apple iPhone 7 comes with 21 Megapixel of camera. Which is far better as compared to other smartphones like in iPhone 6S. The upgrade to the iPhone 7  & iPhone 7 Plus is awesome, especially those cameras are incredible.

Introducing iPhone7  & iPhone7 Plus

The Apple iPhone 7 has one camera on its back, on the other hand iPhone 7 Plus has two cameras. iPhone 7 camera has f1.8m lens having super wide aperture. This means you can also click photos in the low light. Apple also add 4 LED flash which is twice as bright light. The lens in the iPhone 7 consists of 6 element for quality pictures output. Like iPhone 6S, both iPhone 7  & iPhone 7 Plus includes image stabilization in the actual lens. The Apple iPhone 7 camera also shoot DNG files, which is incredible in the phone.

iPhone 7 Camera

iPhone 7 camera Megapixels

On the other hand, iPhone 7 Plus has 2X 12 Megapixel cameras [Two 12 Megapixel cameras]. In each of these two lenses, there is a different lens. One is the wide angle lens & the other is the telephoto lens or we can say the zoom lens. It supports digital zoom that is 10 times or 10X zoom for quality photos & videos. With the help of two lenses in iPhone 7 Plus, you can shoot both images at the same time which is amazing. The wide angle lens can take the background photo  & add a blur to it. The telephoto is going to take the photo of the person in front. Now this iPhone 7 Plus Analyze these two images in real time and take a nice photo with good quality. The whole process of clicking a photo takes 25 mile seconds. Before taking a photo you can see the background, like other phones or cameras can’t do. This is the cool new feature in iPhone 7 Plus with dual camera. This iPhone 7 Plus makes your phone  photography lots more better than other smartphone.


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