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Instagram marketing how to

Today we are going to talk about instagram marketing. So how to grow on instagram organically. If you have a smart phone, you can learn how to sell and promote your product or services. As there are lots of different ways to interact with the people. The way you interact with people is exactly the same on those platforms. So you want to grow your instagram account because it is a great tool for marketing.

Instagram is really a fun and visual social media network and it’s also one of the fastest growing network of about 300 million plus active monthly users.

instagram marketing
instagram marketing

So at the heart of this social media network is trust and authenticity. You need to build a really good following around your brand that always provide value to your online audience. As someone likes your pictures, tweets, favorite or follows you.


Find the keywords that are going to resonate with your brand, weather that is hashtag food or hashtag fashion or hashtag a brand etc. So whatever resonates most with your brand is also going to be your entry point into interacting with your targeted people. So you are usually interacting people who use that keyword because there is a similar interest. On the instagram you are likely going to like one or two pictures from any person and you might even follow them. Doing that a couple of hundred times a day is going to rapidly grow you. So this is why people are hired to do this job in the social media companies.

Instagram Bio

So create a good bio on instagram. You need a bio that really is going to draw people in. When people follow you on instagram, the first thing they usually see is your bio. So are you optimizing how other perceives you? Tell people what you do and keep it interesting. Make sure that you include a clickable link in your instagram bio because that is the only place that you can have a clickable link. Moreover in your image descriptions, you can also guide back to the link in your bio to take action.

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Products Showcase

So keep it engaging by including a picture of your product and action instead. Showing happy customers with your products is going to be a whole lot more effective for selling your products on instagram. Write a really good description and a call to action. Remember you want to direct your users back to your bio for the link to your website.

Search People on Instagram

Find people that are going to be similar to your product or your brand. The main reason for finding these people is because more than likely they already have a following that is interested in the same thing that you are offering. This is because you are very similar to the brand they are already following. You are going to find that brand and look at their followers and begin interacting with the people who follow them. This method is going to be liking one or two pictures and perhaps following a person every now and then. You need to do all that a couple hundred times a day.

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Selling on instagram

As this includes the following instagram business tools.

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  1. Great Product – So for selling on instagram, you need to have a good product. Whatever your product is, it needs to be solving a certain niches problem. You have to be solving a problem or making people life better in some way. Solving a problem make that a great product.
  2. Trust – You need to use instagram and use the feature on instagram to build a relationship with your audience or followers. This is important because if somebody does not rust you then they are not going to buy from you. In order to overcome this situation, you definitely needs to build trust. For this, you need to do instagram live, instagram stories and video on instagram page. There are multiple different ways you can do it. So you have to build trust, if you like to sell online anything, then you have to build trust among people.

Instagram Video

As video is very important because for some reason whatever you get on video and somebody’s watching you, then there is a connection. You are actually building a bond with the help of a video. Videos makes people feels like you truly are interacting and you actually building that relationship. So make videos as a part of your instagram marketing.

Be Genuine

For this you need to be genuine and then people will notice you on instagram. So genuinely care about people and then you will actually see results with selling on instagram.

Social media marketing

With the help of instagram marketing, you can build a following, brand, gather leads etc. People like it when you pay attention to them. In this way you can build a loyal following of people that can convert to customers. So be consistent, if you want to learn how to instagram or anywhere. Put consistency at the top of your list. You need to create an instagram posting schedule and stick with it.

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