How to see deleted messages on whatsapp or whatsapp group

Track deleted messages on Whatsapp

WhatsRemoved – As this app has a nice user interface & it also claims that it can also record or restore deleted messages WhatsApp images, videos, voice notes & audio files etc. With the help of WhatsRemoved you can:

retrieve deleted messages

recover deleted Whatsapp messages

read deleted Whatsapp messages

WhatsApp backup

Open your play store & search for an App named WhatsRemoved & install the App. Once it’s installed, open it. The main screen of WhatsRemoved shows you how the App works. You can even read it or skip it. Further, it will show you 3 options:

a) Recover both the deleted messages & the media files like video, audio etc.

b) Recover only the deleted messages but not any media files.

c) Recover only the deleted files but not messages.

deleted messages

WhatsRemoved Permissions

Moreover, you have to enable the permissions to the App, so that it can record the notification. Simply tap on yes & enable the App permissions. Now go back to the App & go to the settings tab scroll down & select all the media files which you like your App to recover. You may select all the types of media files. Scroll further more down & enable the option that says.

Prevent Android from closing whatsremoved with permanent notification

Select the second option if you like the App to show a notification when someone deleted the message. Now scroll back up & change the data settings for the messaging application. Make sure that when using the mobile data, all the types of media gets auto downloaded & same for the Wi-Fi.

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Top features of WhatsRemoved

  1. It can view WA deleted messages on mobile.
  2. Able to see the Modified Notifications
  3. Also, view Deleted Messages in the Group or Chats.
  4. It can also Recover the deleted media files such as Pictures, Image, Video, Audio & GIF files etc.
  5. Able to see all the Deleted WA messages & Notifications on one screen

deleted messages

Perishable mode

If you have a perishable mode, you will see a pop up stating:


Your phone model has a battery saving mode that blocks the application & stops it from working. You can fix it by letting Whatsremoved work properly. Do you want to change this configuration

Because the battery saver mode is killing your application from running in the background. So simply tap on yes & enable the WhatsRemoved App to auto start even though the battery saver mode is turned on to your Android device.


Go to your Android settings & search for the battery saver mode. Now go to manage Apps battery usage & simply tap on WhatsRemoved. Make sure that the battery saver mode does not affect the performance of WhatsRemoved.


While coming bake to the App, if it says a reboot is required, simply reboot your Android phone. Once the phone is rebooted, you are done settings up the WhatsRemoved App on your Android device.


You can only recover the messages which are deleted after you install this app. So if you like to recover some messages which are deleted before you install a WhatsRemoved app on your Android device, then it is not going to work.

DownloadWhatsRemoved+ on the Play store.

Download: WhatsRemoved V3.3.3 for Android on APK pure.

This App will recover messages only if they are shown in the notifications. So if you changed your settings to not show the entire message in the notifications, then this App is not going to work for you unless you change your settings.

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