How to install & play Fortnite [Android/PC] | Why it’s so popular

Install & play Fortnite on PC, Android, iOS, Xbox

Fortnite is a 3rd person shooter video game available on all consoles including Android mobile versions developed by epic games which were released in 2017. It is primarily a cooperative action building game where you craft, scavenge & build giant forts all to protect against hordes of creatures in a giant procedurally generated world. It is an action, RPG, build, shooting, surviving with procedurally generated maps. You must gather resources & build forts with other online players. As this allows for building creativity including building ramps & ladders to cross the entire map of the game. Moreover, you can also fight zombies by collecting ammo & weapons etc.

Epic Games Fortnite

Battle Royale

A new mode to the game was released & free to download called Battle Royale. As this mode features a hundred players in a single match (Solo or Group). You need to face off against other real people by utilizing shooting & fort building skills. It is available on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 etc. It is also available for free iOS & Android phones.

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So the Fortnite Battle Royale is finally out on Android devices. Samsung has declared to roll out Fortnite on some android devices mainly on Samsung Galaxy Note 9. For the 1st few days of this beta, only Samsung devices will be compatible. As this list includes Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge, Galaxy S8 or S8 +, S9 or S9+, Note 8, 9, the Tab S3 & Tab S4. After the 1st Samsung exclusive period, a lot of numerous devices will be ready to play the beta.

For Samsung Galaxy note S9 or S9 + users can able to download & play the game already. The 1st thing to remember is that you can’t download this game to the Google play store like any other App. As the Epic developer didn’t want to give Google the share of 30 percent of the earnings which is required to put it into the App store.

Fortnite PC

To install Fortnite on your computer, you need to visit their website & download the Fortnite installer. After download, run the installer & choose the directory on your PC. Then it will prompt for the latest updates. You need to update that installer files according to the requirements. Finally, you can download & play different games on that installer.



Fortnite Android

First of all, you need to visit Fortnite on your Samsung device. After visiting Fortnite, you will see a button that says play free now. If you tap on this, you will be instantly taken to a download page that says see you on the battle. Below that text is 2 boxes that do the similar thing to download the game. Once you click any of these, you will be redirected to download this installer. After downloading, you need to open it. After opening, it will prompt you “Unknown App from the source”. This is because the installer is outside the play store. Moreover, you need to click on the settings options & give your phone permission to enable Apps to download it through chrome.

For running Fortnite, you need to give access to this. After that, you can press the install button on the right-hand side & then open. Then further you are going to install the Fortnite game easily. Once the installation is complete, you just need to click Launch button. Moreover, you also need to download current updates for the game. Further, you need to put your credentials like login or signup etc.

Fortnite iPhone

For games, It easily runs as smoothly as it does on the iPhone. Fortnite games have decent graphics & controls that managed to work as well as any 3rd person shooter could using onscreen controls. Everything from the battle pass to squads to in-game items is similar to what you will find across every version of the game.

The biggest drawback of the Fortnite is the battery drain. After playing 2 or 3 hours of gameplay, your battery will go down to 3 or 4 percent instantly. To play full games on Fortnite, you need to charge your phone battery at full 100 percent.

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