How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An Dating Apps

Cost To Develop An Dating Apps

Dating apps always attraction for the startup. We can see recently tinder, match kind of dating apps gaining popularity in the users for finding soul mates. Let’s look how much does it cost to develop a dating app the traditional approach was that finding. Well, currently in the market there are many famous apps such as tinder, match. all apps have their uniqueness in the design as well as matching Algo.

In the dating apps, the cost of the apps depends on the Matching AlGO and the UI & Backend of the apps.

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How to define Matching ALGO and as well estimate the time to complete?

The big part of any dating apps to show the matching user. The states of famous Tinder apps indicate that a big number of user swiping left and right. Means the matching ALGO should be compatible to handle high volume users with uniqueness.

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Honestly, prediction of the cost of dating mobile apps is not easy in the starting without knowing to match sections.  However, we bring a rough idea the factor matter.

UI Design

Well, the User interface is the screens which are designed by designer and cost of the UI depending on the number of unique screens. Here unique screen will be like splash, signup, login, profile, and matching, dating screen. New dating apps will require approx 10-20 hours and the cost of these screens depend on the hours worked by UI designer. A good app can be designed by an expert designer in 1-2 weeks.

Tools used by the designer for creating UI of dating mobile screens are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD.


Well, this is the most important part. Because each dating apps will have high traffic with good data. The App security with speed always plays an important part. The backend can be developed by PHP, Nodejs kind of technologies tack and these will be handled by app developers. The developer should be experienced with having good knowledge of the handling high data.

  • Dating apps will need Admin panel to show the registered user, subscription.
  • Backend developer creates a database to store users’ information with relations.
  • Storing data should be optimized ways to implement the matching ALGO.

Cost for a backend developer with Matching Algo relations?

Well, backend developer is holding the key part in the dating apps. As because mostly matching apps ALGO developed by backend developer. The matching ALGO need strong logic with extensive level knowledge of database.

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Technology stacks for dating apps backend

For building backend, you will need to find web app developer those have extensive knowledge of building custom backend and cost of this depends on the hours worked by backend developers.

App Development

When UI and backend started now the important part of dating apps is create apps using mobile screens. Well, there are 2 approaches to creating mobile apps, Native, and Hybrid. The cost of app developer depends on the technology stack. In the hybrid approach apps for both platform ios and android can be launch by single technology stack this can be cost-effective and for building MVP this is the highly recommended approach for launching dating apps startup.

The cost of the app developer can be reduced by hiring dedicated models. Because each app needs some animation kind of work likes swipe, as well as, social integrations. A dedicated developer will bring quality results. We at Pixel Point Technology app development company in India offer service hire the dedicated app developer to create MVP version using hybrid or native approach.


Well, the cost of the dating apps depends on many factors such that what kind of approach you want to use in the front end of the apps. Matching ALGO plays important parts. A good unique matching ALGO, with unique latest design standers dating apps, can be successful Idea.

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