How External hard drive is created

External hard drive production

In the digital world like the real one, helps to have extra storage space. An external hard drive stores data expanding your computers storage capacity. It can also act as a backup, just in case your computer’s internal hard drive is damaged, which is very handy indeed.

external hard drive
External hard drive

In today’s world, external hard drives squeeze a lot more storage into drives the size of chocolate bars. Hard drives are assembled in a clean room in the factory. An air filtering system sucks particles out of the air to keep them from contaminating the hard drive and compromising its function.

External hard drive creation

The production of the external hard drive starts with the motor base. An employee installs a voice coil magnet, it is one of the two that will move the drive heads to write information on rotating disks. As they are called voice coils because they operate on a same principle as loudspeakers. Then a robot in the factory, places one of the drive disk in the motor base. A camera then takes a picture to send information to guide the robot for positions the disk exactly. There is another robot, which is placed at the center of the disk relying on the cameras side for guidance.

It sets a second disk on the top of the spacer. Some of the hard disk has two disk and others have more depending upon the amount of data storage needed. Then a robot locks the disk into the place with stainless steel club.

The next part is the plastic ramp, the ramp is used to pump the disk drive heads when they are not engaged in reading/writing data. These heads have been pre assembled on one end of the head arm. They attached the other end of the arm to the lower voice coil in the base and situate the second voice coil above it.

Hard drive interior

As to maintain or clean its interior of the hard drive, a robot inserts a thin cotton filter. This filter will capture dust particles in the hard drive. Then a robot now places a metal cover on the other side of the hard drive. Another robot then screws the cover to the multi base. Now the hard drive can be moved out of the air filter section of the factory. An employee then collects the hard drive assemblies and slots them into a box. Once a circuit board has been added, they transfer all those hard drives to a test chamber.

External hard drive
External hard drive

Behind the closed door of the chamber a robot swings into action. The robot then pulls a hard drive from the box and plugs it into a test cell to conform that it is functional. The robot tests each hard drive in the boxes. Once the box is checked, the chamber ejects them and an employee does a visual inspection of each and every hard drive. As they looks for scratches or other damages in the hard drive.

There are two systems for testing the hard drives. The employee places each drive on a conveyor that delivers it to a robot tester. The system ensures that if one goes down, then production can switch to the other. At the packaging station, there is a one last visual inspection of the hard drive. The drive serial number is scanned so that its production can be traced in the event of identifying a problem later. Finally, it is sealed in an anti-static plastic. Now the hard drive is ready to accept data and saves you from hard drives crashes.

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