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Shopify working – e commerce website development

So how shopify works, The shopify allows you to sell your products on your own website without any programming skills. It will gives you an all in one solution to get a professional ecommerce website created at an affordable price. Shopify also allows you to create your website very quickly. You could literally be online and selling your products within 24 hours. Moreover you can actually try out shopify for yourself by taking advantage of their free trial offer. The platform is ideal for you, if you like to create your own online shop or grow your business through the internet. The shopify caters abroad range of industries like Clothing, Jewelry, Electronica, Accessories, Food and Drinks, Home and Garden, Furniture, Health and beauty etc. So any sort of physical products that you can sell online, shopify can help you make this an easier process for you.

shopify works

Shopify Tools

Shopify gives you the tools to insert product pictures, descriptions and details etc. It also provides you the inventory management software that also helps with product organization. Moreover it also gives you a discount code system. The best thing about shopify is it helps you to create webpages, blogs and shopping cart with really depth analytics.

Shopify also accepts multiple currencies and different payment gateways. Shopify also helps you to set up customer accounts easily. Moreover you can also sort your customers by geo-location, age, gender, product sales etc. It helps you sell to your audience better with multiple staff logins. If you have employees to manage your shop online, you can grant them different permission levels to function overall. The shopify pretty much does most of the heavy lifting for you, as it makes your online business more efficient and effective. Moreover shopify offers you a 100 plus free and paid themes for your shop, as to make your store trust and credibility.

shopify works
shopify works

How does Shopify works

So how shopify works, After getting registered to shopify, you see your dashboard. You would start by picking and modify your layout. Moreover you could also start immediately by adding new products.

Shopify Themes

Here you can see your active theme. Under the theme settings, you can adapt your layout without any programming skills. You can also change the shopify theme by visiting the theme store and pick another one. You can also create your own theme.

Shopify Checkout Settings

Here you find everything related to the checkout process. You lay down the means of payment and decide if the customers need an account to buy a product etc. You can also set the rules for order processing and provide other information’s like terms of service and more.

Shipping settings Shopify

Here you can define your own shipping rates for each country or worldwide, based on the order price or weight. It is also possible to calculate the cost with a carrier or fulfillment drop ship service.

Taxes on Shopify

The tax rates are added automatically when you add a shipping destination. It is also possible to change the given rates with a tax override.

Products on Shopify

Under products we see a list of our existing products. You can type the product title and a brief description. Now you can also add a type, vendor and variants. You don’t need to add the same product over and over again. Upload your images and decide whether to add your product to a collection. Moreover tags can help your customers to find the similar products. Finally save everything, regarding your product settings.

Shopify orders

If you received a new order, you will be notified. By clicking on the orders, shopify provides you with detailed information regarding customers in the current state of the order.

Shopify App store

As there are plenty more useful Apps free or paid in the App store that is similar to a website builder.

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Shopify blog posts

Moreover shopify also features a blog posts. A blog is an essential for a content marketing strategy in order to pull in search engine traffic. You can add a photos, tags and all other typical stuff in a blog post.

Shopify makes selling online an easy task. All the beginners won’t have to face a programming language barrier in creating a tailor made web store. The shopify dashboard is structured logically which makes working smooth. Moreover shopify also provices you with a help forum with tutorials with a telephone support. Shopify provides you with all the tools you need to set up a successful online store.

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