A hands on with Microsoft surface dial by Microsoft

Microsoft surface dial

Microsoft surface dial by Microsoft – Today we are going to look at the Microsoft surface dial. As we know that it is a Windows 10 accessory launched alongside of the Microsoft surface studio. It also works with any Windows 10 device. It is the Microsoft new input device that we need it. The 100 dollar hardware accessory is a completely new way to interact with technology.

It is similar to the other Microsoft surface products. It can also be defined as a new tool for creative process. Basically it is a stand alone wireless nob that lets users adjust a whole bunch of different things with a single turn. The sky is the limit, when its comes to functionality on a very basic level. You can perform a simple task like adjusting brightness and turning up / down the volume in the Microsoft surface studio. The color of the Microsoft surface dial is all aluminum. In the Microsoft surface studio, Microsoft showed off how it can be used to say,display and hide hand written notes on a documents.

Microsoft surface dial
Microsoft surface dial

Microsoft surface dial hardware

The hardware of Microsoft surface dial is very simple and nice. It feels like  premium and a smooth glides. The response of the Microsoft surface dial is instantaneous and feels very nice with high quality. For the direct interaction of surface dial, you can stick it to its display of the Microsoft surface studio large screen. The first thing you should know about the surface dial is it can be used while attached to the screen of surface studio. When you attached the surface dial to the screen then the on screen interface envelopes the footprint of the Microsoft surface dial and moves with it.

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You can also navigate the menu while turning left and right on surface dial. You can scroll, click zoom and out and control other Apps instantly in surface dial. Moreover you can also make incremental adjustments like brightness or volume up or down. By using Microsoft surface dial, you will be getting different options on different applications like video editing software, Google maps, Photoshop and desktop etc.

The Microsoft surface dial is created for professionally designed Apps. It is also used for secondary control mechanism in the Microsoft surface studio while using surface pen for drawing. This allows anyone to change colors and width of your drawing tools. Moreover you can also change the Microsoft surface dial wheel settings by going down to

Setting panel ->  Devices -> Wheel settings

This allows anyone to assign or remove the default tools for the on screen interface in the surface dial. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts for the left , right and click etc. Here are some of the surface dial Apps for drawings such as:

a. Sketch able

b. Mental Canvas

c. Draw board PDF

d. Moho™ 12

e. Staff Pad

f. Blue beam Revu

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