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Google Duplex [A brand new Google Assistant]

It’s a behavior of Google assistance. The Google Duplex is basically an extension of Google assistance that can make phone calls to real humans just by you asking it to do so. It’s a deep neural network that builds off wavenet technology. The Google Duplex is so that you never have to call a service business ever again.

Google Duplex use Wavenet

The wavenet is a speed synthesis program that is worked by joining very short units of sound together to create speech. It was a breakthrough in natural speech synthesis when it came out. The wavenet is still generating raw audio to randomly imitate human sounds & it still sounds like words.

The Duplex is another neural network built on the top of wavenet. The final result is an AI that can have a real conversation but with wavenet vocal precision. Duplex has been trained in the narrow field or scheduling appointments or bookings & inquiring about a business’s opening hours on holidays. The Duplex cannot have a general conversation.

google duplex

Google stated that the unique challenges when it came to training such a neural net. How do you get an AI to robustly understand natural language & reply in a realistic manner? As this will be pretty hard to do. Like – people tend to talk differently to one another than with computers. We talk faster correct ourselves mid conversation & even a mid part of conversation & rely on context instead. Though in the poor quality & noisiness of a phone line & you have a pretty hard challenge on your hands.

Working of Google Duplex

Google Duplex use something known as the recurrent neural network. The neural network basically is a massive matrix multiplication function where each part of the matrix is built up of artificial neurons called nodes. As the nodes contain a mathematical formula & are arranged in layers. Each node has an input & output. After receiving inputs, the end goal of the whole entire matrix or neural network is basically to find out how to reduce how long it is. As no one actually knows how they come to their conclusion.

You just give them the inputs & they somehow get an answer. The neural network has been around for a while. The specific type of neural network that Duplex is using is called a recurrent neural network. These type of network have a small internal memory that allows them to remember a specific input to help understand context. For this reason is pretty much the perfect neural network for speech recognition at the heart of most speech recognition algorithms.

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How Duplex was trained

The conversation starts with an analog speech. In this speech an audio form fed into Google’s automatic speech recognition system. From this point, the audio is now understood as the text & this text once converted into a format of the neural network can understand. Then it is fed into the system. Other metadata & wider context information from the calls such as the correct time for the appointment schedule in question, all the time of day is also fed into the system. When the neural network listens to a whole bunch of phone recordings as inputs, it eventually learns how to reduce the amount of error it has. The final train neural network that comes out of all this is Google Duplex.

What can Duplex do

Duplex can also do some pretty interesting things like handling interruptions, elaborate & respond the audio issues over the phone. The Duplex is not for general conversation, as it is only specifically for booking reservations & inquiring about open hours during holidays. If a store has an online page, it’s far quicker to book that way. As Google Duplex is using a neural network. This technology is pretty cool. Google stated that they are going to be transparent when you talking to a duplex AI.

Google Duplex example phone call 

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