Six Digital Marketing Trends / Strategies to Watch In 2018

Digital Marketing Trends

As time is passing by, each day new trends are being developed, which is hard to keep up with them. Today, Assignment Help UK has brought you another interesting article, about digital marketing strategies or trends. So, let’s begin with these trends.

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Digital Marketing Strategies

1. Mobile usage

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Mobiles are so common now, that two to three-year-old know how to use a cell phone. People are so habitual in using their cell phone that they cannot spend a minute or so without their cell phones. Cell phones are now a trend of 2018 since people are using 24 hours. People are so busy with the cellular device that they are forgetting, how to communicate properly with your friends and family; forget about the professionalism.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are also going viral. It is a tool used for chatting on various websites. Mostly, it is placed on the business website to chat with clients. Not it is getting popular because of advancement in artificial technology. The advance chatbots are able to reply automatically. You can feed many questions and answers and it can detect the question answered by the client and reply accordingly. You can predict, it will be on every website in the future. I am saying this because people love it and want to get it on their website.

3. Marketing and Advertising

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Marketing & advertising are old terms but it is necessary for every business to progress. No business can perform well without marketing. The thing that you need to learn, it changes with time. If you see a few years back you can calculate that marketing methodology was different in different years. In this era marketing & advertising have moved online. Social media and Google advertisement are very much popular; everyone is using these platforms for marketing. It is necessary to keep update yourself. You need to market your business online, otherwise, you will be out of the business. No business can progress with online marketing.

4. SEO Marketing

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SEO is very important for everyone. You can get a huge amount of traffic from Google. You need a good presence on the Web online, in order to get good ranking over the Google. It is very much useful to get good reviews from your customers. Google will rank your web according to the customer feedback. SEO is based on two parts one is on page and second is off page. You need to work on both to get good ranking. It is obvious that SEO is getting more and more popular. In past, not everyone interested in the SEO but now every business owner is getting SEO consultancy.

5. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI is not a new word or concept, it is decades old. AI becomes popular 3-4 years ago. Now it is at its peak. Almost every technology company wants to use AI to compete in the market. Self-driving cars are in the headlines of various newspapers. This is also a popular idea in the digital work. Software, mobiles apps, and websites are now using AI to improve their service. Facebook has a separate department working on the AI. This automation is very useful for talking decisions when you are away from the system. It is not possible for the human to be attentive 24 hours. It is also not possible to hire multiple people for service.

This innovation in the work of computer science enables everyone to improve their business or services. There are many AI tools available in the market related to digital marketing. Most everyone related to business or company is using digital marketing tool to improve their business presence.

Another example of AI is assignment writing services. There are many tools that generate content automatically. if you search assignment help in Google then you get many websites that are offering instant article writing services these all are based on AI. They do not provide genuine content because AI is not that much perfect. On the other hand, if you search for services regarding assignment then you will find websites like that will take time and provide you best writing services.

6. Video Marketing

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It is most common to have videos related to your business. You cannot progress without videos. Now Facebook is also offering video option in the cover section. All platforms support the use of videos. You need to hire some media agency to make it for you. It is not possible to make using your mobile phone. Some expertise with the latest equipment is necessary. The creativity is the top skill that is needed for video making. Creativity makes your video viewable. Simply you can view videos on YouTube, Some have a few views and some have very high views. One thing that makes difference is creativity.

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