Most Dangerous Social Networking and Dating Apps for Teens

Dangerous Social Networking Dating Apps

Social media has successfully grabbed the attention and time of the post-millennial generation. According to the recent statistics, the teens between the age of 12 and 17 spend around nine hours a day on social networking platforms such as Facebook. The unbridled use of online platforms causes more harm than good. The more one remains online, the more one is likely to expose to cyberbullying, scamming, catfishing, sexual molestation, and other online crimes. Read on to know the potential dangers of social networking and dating apps widely used by youngsters.

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Snapchat is one of the most popular photo-sharing apps at the moment. The popularity of this social networking app is owing to the self-deleted messages and creative photo filters. The users can exchange snaps via Snapchat which automatically get deleted seconds after being viewed by the recipient.

The self-destroyed conversations encourage sexting among teen boys and girls. The platform is being used to exchange nude, semi-nude or objectionable photos or short videos. However, there is a loophole in auto-removed Snapchat messages. The recipient can store snaps with the help of screenshots before they get removed. There are various platforms that host explicit media files stolen from the photo-sharing platform. It means whatever you exchange via Snapchat can be stored, manipulated and distributed for sexual or monetary purposes.


Instagram is another top photo-sharing platform which allows users to post photos, videos and exchange direct messages. The absence of the age verification process has made it convenient for underage kids to use the platform and expose to sexually explicit stuff. Most of the content available on Instagram is adult-oriented. Which means your kids are more likely to expose to objectionable stuff on this social media platform.


The popularity of Facebook is not behind the scenes. If your teen is not interested in any social media site, even then he/she would have an account on Facebook. The popularity of this platform has attracted cyber bullies and predators to access and victimize adolescents. They use the social networking site to collect information about the victim such as photos, likings, habits and contact details. This information is used to lure and trap teens and tweens for sexual or monetary gain.


Tinder is the most popular dating app intended for teens and adults to find a romantic partner. However, it is being used by sex offenders to find a sexual partner for a one-night stand. There is no way to verify the information provided by users who have facilitated scoundrels to deceive adolescents.


Kik is the most notorious instant messaging app. It allows users to communicate with the people worldwide keeping their identities hidden. The unsecured social media app is being used by pedophiles, predators, bullies, scammers, and cat-fishers to trap teens. This is because there is neither age verification process nor any other way to verify the authenticity of the information provided by the users. Many Kik users use their IDs to post sexually explicit ads on online platforms due to user secrecy.


Viber is an instant messaging app which offers innumerable fun features to communicate with the online buddies. The user only needs to provide an authentic mobile phone number to create an account on Viber. It allows exchanging text, photos, videos, and audios via instant messages and audio and video calls. The costless communication app becomes annoying when unwanted contact or a predator access you via Viber. There is no way to restrict a user having your contact number from finding you on messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger

The WhatsApp messenger works almost similar to Viber does. There is no need to provide any personal information to create an account on WhatsApp except an authentic contact number. The other people can find you by your contact number and send you messages. While this feature keeps your kids’ privacy secure to some extent. It also enables predators to trap the victims keeping their identities concealed. The pedophiles and predators take advantage of video calling and media file sharing to exchange explicit stuff with teens. The excessive and irresponsible use of this instant messenger also carries several horrible consequences.

The Bottom Line

The perils of social media and dating apps are endless. However, there are monitoring applications to supervise the online activities of teens and tweens to protect them from the scoundrels in the digital world. Parents are needed to take advantage of OgyMogy parental control and monitoring app to keep their kids online and offline activities under surveillance.

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