Cool facts about New 2018/2019 iPhone | Apple iPhone 11 or iPhone X+

The new 2018/2019 iPhone 11, XS, Plus

As there will reportedly 3 new iPhone this year (2018) in the bunch of new colors. This isn’t necessarily new because last year we also had 3 new iPhone – iPhone 8, 8+ & X, but this year all 3 of these new iPhone’s are likely to have a similar design language to the iPhone 10. Now the Apple will finally be saying goodbye to the iPhone 6 design that has kind of being recycle again & again for almost 4 year. If you look at the iPhone 6, 6+, 7 & as 8, they all have huge bezels & they follow very similar design language. So the main question is: what will be these iPhone’s be?. The answer is – Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus & iPhone 9 etc. Lets talk about one by one:

apple iphone 11
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Apple iPhone 11

As the first iPhone will be an incremental update to the iPhone X or iPhone 10. It may be called the Apple iPhone XS or Apple iPhone 11. As it’s going to be look pretty much exact the same as the iPhone X or iPhone 10. Now we have a 5.8 inch OLED display with those small bezels. Moreover the notch has a stainless steel frame with glass panel on the front & back with a new color. Now we are likely to have a new Gold color. So this year we are going to be getting a gold iPhone. However we are going to be having improvements in terms of performance with the Apple A12 chip, as well as the general update that we see to the cameras. It also likely to have a 2nd generation of face ID which is faster & more accurate.

iPhone XS specs

  • Gold Color
  • 5.8 inch OLED display
  • Apple A12
  • Face ID 2nd Gen

Apple iPhone 11 Plus

The second one being the iPhone XS Plus or iPhone 10S Plus or iPhone 11 Plus or something else. As this is going to have a massive 6.5 inch OLED display which is larger for some users who like big display on small phone. As bigger phone also means that they have a larger battery. The Plus version of the iPhone is also likely to have a 2nd generation of face ID with a stainless steel frame. Based on the previous Apple devices the plus model is usually or may be around 1000$ as compared to a regular version. This plus model will have dual sync capabilities & would be the first iPhone with this dual capabilities.

iPhone XS Plus Specs

  • 6.5 inch OLED Display
  • Large Battery
  • Face ID Gen 2
  • Dual SIM

Apple iPhone 9

The third iPhone which may be called as the iPhone 9. As this is potentially be the new iPhone & may be around 700$. As compared to other iPhone devices, it would be quite a bit cheaper. So it will have a 6.1 inch LCD display but not OLED display like the other iPhone’s. The OLED displays has much more vibrant colors & much deeper black with the higher contrast ratio. As this iPhone 9 is gonna have small bezels with a notch. We also have a single camera on this iPhone 9. There is no 3D touch on to the iPhone 9. It also consists aluminum frame & not a stainless steel frame like on the other iPhone’s. The face ID generation 1 is similar to iPhone 10. It also likely to have an Apple A12 chip as the other iPhone hopefully. It’s not gonna have as much RAM compared to the other iPhone models. This iPhone is likely to come in 5 color options. The standard grey, silver, blue, red & orange.

iPhone 9 Specs

  • 6.1 inch LCD
  • Single Camera
  • No 3D Touch
  • Face ID Gen 1
  • Aluminum Frame

So what do you think about these new iPhone’s by Apple.

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