Clash Royale basics | How to win battles at Clash Royale

The Clash Royale is the first official followup to clash of clans supercells. At the first glance, its is easy to understand mix between a tower defense game. As Clash Royale is an addictive experience that’s not afraid to stride out on its own. As you might expect this is set in super cells clash of clans universe. You have probably played the first game or seen one of the expensive adverts. In this game play you have got three towers, two small ones left and right of the screen and your king tower in the middle behind them. Your online opponent, who is the real person has the same set up as you.

How to play Clash Royale ?

clash royale
Clash Royale

Its your job to send out different troops represented by stack of cards at the bottom of the screen. You need to drag the card where you want to deploy your units then release. These cards have different elixir costs and much like a tower defense game, your elixir regenerates over time. As well as troops, you have got spells and buildings at your disposal. They are deployed in the same way and cost elixir too. Each card in the Clash Royale has strengths and weaknesses and learning the roles of each of them individually.

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The game adds and extra twist in the last minutes as well when sixty seconds are left on the clock, Your elixir starts recharging furiously. This means that you and your opponent can throwing out units on the left, right and center. As it makes for a frantic final scramble and often all the good work you have done in chipping away your enemies towers in the first two minutes is undone in the chaos of the last one. The fight in the Clash Royale and flow is brilliantly done. There are lots of tactical decisions to be made on the fly and figuring out which cards take into a battle can be a difference between success and crushing.

Clash Royale Chest

Clash Royale
Clash Royale Chest

There are wait timers on the chests you earn which contains cards and coins. As long as you have got an internet connection, you can jump in and smash as many faces as you need and you like to smash them a lot. The Clash Royale is well worth a look its an incredible amount of genuinely rewarding fun. Its a game that succeeds brilliantly by thinking outside of the box.

How to win battles in Clash Royale ?

1. Distract your enemy but don’t defeat

If your opponent likes a strong player to knock down your tower like a giant pekka, you like to use another highly powered unit to stop him. But if you like to use cheap cards like skeletons or goblins, you can easily distract offensive enemies once they are in range of your tower. So keep them busy with them and let your tower archers do all the hard word of destroying the enemy down.

2. Using elixir wisely

Once the elixir bat hits 9 it will not charge anymore. Every single setting that bar is sitting full is a second where your elixir could be recharging if you have just used it. Using your elixir wisely can be the key to winning or loosing especially if you can take out really expensive elixir cards with with low cost elixir card.

3. Do not play too quickly

Play your game cautiously and make sure you have the elixir and the cards to defends against anything your enemy might through at you. When your enemy make a mistake or run out of elixir, thats your chance to send a prince or a hog rider down the lane and smash down their tower quickly.

4. Improve your playing skills

So improving yourself id all about learning. Jump over to clash TV Royale and analyze the moves the players makes often. Analyze the counter attacks and their cards in the battle.

5. Combination of units

As there are lots of combinations you can use to make different units practically unstoppable. Like a giant with a bomber behind him is impressive. Another combination is the giant skeleton with the wizard behind him.

6. Spending gold and gems wisely

If you got lots of gems while opening a chest or in App purchases. Grab all the magical chests you like. An epic from the shop will gives you  the best value as long as you are spending under a hundred bucks.

7. Join the best Clan

In Clash Royale, joining the best Clan is worth, as the players in those clans can donate tones of cards which ever you like. More over you can request those cards from those clan members on every 6 hours.

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