Clash Royale Success | Why people are addictive to it

Clash Royale Addiction

The reason behind Clash Royale success. Why this game gains lots of popularity. The game Clash Royale is inspired by clash of clans and its characters. So why Clash Royale is so popular among people. Clash Royale is an amazing popular smart phone game and people are getting entertained again and again by the exact same battle.

Clash Royale

In this game, the more powerful card you get the better you are going to be regardless of what other person does strategy wise. You have to get more powerful cards in this game. The one big thing in Clash Royale is the resource management in real time strategy. You will be getting tons of cards to level up the deck and use the new one. For some cards it is difficult to level them up at level 5.

Clash Royale Success
Clash Royale Success

Clash Royale Popularity

The another reason behind Clash Royale success is card types. As there are three types of cards that is rare, common and epic. The epic cards are the rarest to get in this game. This is really a time based game and its a PvP timing scheme. More you can deploy any kind of player during the game play. This game has a lots of potential with improved performance. You are only given a total of 4 chests slots.

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These chests hold cards and you have to wait a while for three hours for each of those chests. For the golden chest, you have to wait 8 hours. So its a king of like clash of clans and upgrades. So its a good system of getting people to play again but you are also gonna have like impatient people. Distracting people by using different troops is so common in this game, which makes people having more addiction to play Clash Royale again and again.

clash royale success
clash royale success

Clash Royale Success

The best thing behind Clash Royale success is the winning strategy. Getting lots of rewards in the form of gold, gems and card is making people more and more addictive. Moreover you can challenge 1 on 1 battle and 2 on 2 battle with random visitors or your friend. You can also play in a team by contributing or requesting cards in your clan.

Clash Royale tips and tricks

Rare cards can be upgraded to level 11.

Common cards can be upgraded to level 13.

Using elixir efficiently is the key to victory.

Collect a free epic card on every Sunday.

A challenge ends at either 12 wins or 3 losses which ever comes first.

The golem explodes when destroyed and splits into two smaller golemites.

Lure troops to your side of the arena to engage them with your crown towers.

Sometimes holding on to a card is the best play to make.


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