How bubblegum made in the factory | process behind


That sounds little sticky. But it is popular among most of the teenagers in US [United States]. Bubblegum bubble comes in gumballs of all colors and sizes. As it was invented in 1907. As it all starts with the gum base, the stuff that makes the gum chewy. Traditionally the base came from tree resin. Today it is synthetic, made up of plastic and rubbers.

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How bubble gum are made

Bubblegum process

The employee pours the gum base into a mixer. Then color and flavor is added into the mixer. As it begins mixing, they pour in glucose syrup a sweetener because it’s liquid and it helps keep the gum base soft. Next they add dextrose of powdered sweetener. The factory worker then blend the ingredients about 20 minutes, the stirring action builds up heat which melts everything together.


The mixture is then ready, when it reaches the consistency of bread dough. Then they transfer it by cart to machine called the priest rooter. The machine squeezes the mixture through a narrow opening like squeezing toothpaste. Then this transforms the big bulky wad into thin manageable strips that can go through the extruders. The extruders then squeeze each strip down to the actual width of a piece of bubblegum.

It comes out as one long continuous stream to be cut into bite sized pieces. Later on this extrusion process heats up the gum if they were to cut and wrap it. Now the gum would stick to the wrapper. The next stop is the cooling chamber. The gum goes into the cooling chamber for 15 minutes with the temperature between [36 – 45] degrees Fahrenheit. So when the bubblegum comes out it is then cooled down through cotton wrap.

Moreover, one machine does both jobs in a fraction of seconds. As the contentious stream of gum enters on one end, the machine cuts it into bite sized pieces. Then pushes each piece into a wax paper wrapper then twist both ends of a wrapper closed. The factory machine processes 900 pieces of bubblegum per minute.

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Bubblegum Packaging

In packaging, it moved on to a scale, that automatically weight out the right amount. They seal the tub with plastic to make it air tight. This keeps the freshness of bubblegum intact. In this way bubblegum is created or manufactured in the factory.

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