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Best Web Hosting Service

As there are so many different types of best web hosting accounts to choose from and it can get a little confusing and overwhelming to keep tabs to understand the different types of hosting. So that you can choose the right hosting for your situation and for your needs. As it’s also going to be very helpful to identify what other types of hosting are out there and what you should be looking for. So while deciding what host is for you, so you can know when it’s time to change web hosting providers because we all start someplace but then we might need to make changes as time goes on.

best web hosting

This post is for explaining the different types of hosting that are out there so that you know what type of service to pursue your needs. As there are different top tier companies that provide services etc.

What’s the best web hosting service?

The 4 criteria that you should use when deciding and evaluating various hosts.

1. Web Hosting Security

As security is must now a day in the web hosting like SSL certificate/Https etc. There is some host that still don’t do this. A lot of them have been getting onto that. But security goes a lot further than just that. Another side of security is are they taking proactive measures to prevent and block brutal force attacks on your website, scanning for vulnerabilities on your website things. So if you have any outdated plugin on your WordPress website, your website may be hacked and now you have got all this junk on your website.

Most of the website host gonna clear that out for you and most web hosts actually don’t. As there are certain ones that you do pay more for that are more than happy to clean your website out for you.

2. Web Hosting Speed

So depending on the plan that you choose and the companies that you want to be looking for how fast is your website going to load.

3. Web Hosting Specialty

Does your web host provide any specific features for WordPress user? Instead of just updating your website and later finding out that there is a problem that you can log in click a button and they will create a separate instance of your website where you can go and test like designs, updates, new plugins etc. Other specialties like proving speed optimization, as do they have some of these WordPress specific specialties. Some of the hosts will update your website for you. As they will do all of these different things. These are the things you should evaluate while considering a web host for you.

4. Web Hosting Support

Support like getting help regarding issues or errors related to your web service or WordPress specific support. The support is actually one of the most important experiences that you like to evaluate when choosing a web host as the support experience.

Web Hosting Category

1. Basic Shared Hosting

So the first type of hosting which is basic shared hosting. As this is the hosting that a lot of us will start out with our first website. There’s isn’t much feature for WordPress users. Most of them do not have specific WordPress related support, as it’s just your basic shared hosting and most affordable type of hosting, that we all start here. But eventually, we try to move on beyond here.

2. Managed WordPress Hosting [ cPanel/Custom ]

The cPanel is a kind of control panel that allows you to install your website. It allows you to create email accounts to access the file system and do all kinds of stuff like that you manage all of the different websites that you have. So there is a cPanle based WordPress hosting. As it’s a managed WordPress, they are usually going to have some way of updating your plugins and themes etc. It also contains some additional features like environment and staging etc. There is also a custom managed WordPress hosting providers. So a managed WordPress hosting that has their custom panel. Moreover, they do not include email hosting. Moreover, the hosting providers also have a different billing method usually and they charge you according to your hosting plan.

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best web hosting

3. Reseller Hosting

It is just like a basic shared hosting. As it allows you to create these separate containers of web hosting accounts that you can use for individual clients. Typically you find this with cPanel based hosting. It allows you to create unique individual cPanel account. So you can have all of your client’s websites and email accounts separate from each other. Moreover, it allows you to create the cPanel accounts you pay one fee and you will get a certain amount of resources. So you just need to allocate them to each one of your clients. So you can turn any web hosting account into a reseller account.

4. Cloud Hosting

The cloud hosting has been going on for a while. It’s basically a Linux Server. Everything has to be done with the terminal, command line, typing in commands. There is no control panel and support available to you. Companies like Digital Ocean, Linode, Vulture etc. So you are literally buying these dedicated containers of resources. There’s no control panel or anything to manage it. The cloud hosting gets you the best performance at the lowest price.

5. Managed Cloud Hosting

As this is a new category. In this type of hosting, they are taking those cloud hosting servers instead ordered it through the managed cloud hosting provider. As they will provide you with a control panel to make it really easy to install WordPress. There are also going to provide support so that you can ask for any help as if there’s a problem with your server or website anything.

6. Managed WooCommerce Hosting

This is a newer type of hosting that you are not seeing everywhere yet. But it’s something that is going around right now. As it’s going to be a lot of managed WordPress hosting but the environment has been optimized for WooCommerce E-commerce shops. These hosting providers included services that are outside of WordPress that makes running e-commerce shop much easier, smoother, strategic and efficient.

7. VPS [ Virtual Private Server ]

Virtual Private Server is actually going to be very similar to what you would get with the cloud hosting. So here you are getting some dedicated resources and you’re paying more for it. Moreover, you can also use VPS most of the time if it comes with something called WHM. It allows you to create those separate cPanel accounts if you like to also use it for reselling. Most of these services come with support and help for any kind of trouble.

8. Dedicated Server

In this, you go to the hosting company and they have a full dedicated server. So the entire machine 100% of its resources are for you. Moreover, you can get these with the operating system or it could just be Linux or cPanel or WHM and then you can use that just like like you use the VPS except you have more resources. Those resources are dedicated to you.

So these are the best web hosting service for you to choose from.

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