Best Android Apps Not in Google Play Store

Best Android Apps

If you’re an Android user, you know the importance of the Google Play Store. There is no field title you can not find the Android app on the Play Store. It’s the most reliable source to download and use apps for production, gaming, news, music, books, movies, but you know that there are lots of useful Android applications that aren’t available in the Google Play Store? Still useful, reliable, and high rated? Today, we will find popular apps that we can download and use without any worries.

best android apps
Best Android Apps

1. Amazon App Store

Why would you say that Amazon Store is available on the Play Store, why is it listed here? Well, if you do not, reread the title. Yes, it’s ‘Amazon App Store.’ The front e-commerce platform has its own online store to install and manage applications according to your interest. In the Amazon App Store, you can get free as well as paid applications for all kinds, that are unavailable on Google Play.

2. Tube Mate

I used this app on my Android and I loved it. This is one of the most trusted sources for downloading YouTube videos, Mp3 music, and movies on your Android device. After a few years, YouTube has restricted access to videos and other items from a YouTube app channel. Yes, you can download and watch videos only on YouTube, even offline. Some apps are available in the Play Store to download and watch YT videos, but they have less access.

There is no doubt that the pipe matte is the best application available for downloading YouTube videos. It has a free application and an amazing download speed. The app is lightweight, so it does not take much space on your computer. You can search videos directly in this app and download them in full resolution.

3. Google Camera

No, I didn’t make fun of you. This Google App is ready in the Play Store with some inadequate features. You’ll get the HDR + mode for Google Camera on the Pixel Line and Nexus device, which are not Google’s products. But when you have just been installed from Google phones, you can not get this image processing mechanism.

The HDR + feature allows you to expose many photos and then holds a perfect shot. It’s a wonderful technique for everyone on his / her phone.

4. WiFi Kill

This app is specifically designed for Internet users. If you use a WiFi network in one or more of your devices, you do not have to use your WiFi Kill app if you do not want to use your wireless service. This app is very useful if you do not have any security settings on your WiFi network.

Wi-Fi controls wireless networks based on usage. This will show a list of your Wi-Fi connected devices. It also shows the device’s transfer speed using the network. Disable all devices connected to the Internet Do not want to be on the network. This allows you to allocate all Internet bandwidth for your single device, allowing you to upload more download and speed. In addition to Android devices, tablets work on WiFi application.

5. Humble Bundle

If you like to play, you require to install this app on your mobile device. The simple bundle is a great app for gaming on Google Play Store. It allows you to download high-end games of all genres on your Android device and PC.

It comes with your own library where you can easily manage it from your phone. The game will be available from the Hamburg Financial Library. This allows you to install and run any game you have purchased. Overall, it is the best resource for Android gamers.

6. QuickLyric

As the name suggests, this app will allow you to download, download, or download songs of songs that you want to search on your mobile device. Yes, this app has many apps with similar functionality in the Google Play Store. However, they do not offer their services for free!

One click of the unique button of the QuickLyric app needs to download an offline for each song you want. Also, when you update the automatic song feature, the new song will be automatically downloaded from your song to your song. If the song is changed, you can change the song change! Therefore, in this application, there are the best and most useful things you want on your phone.


So, the best Android apps that are not available in this Google Play Store. Which app should you download on your device? Please specify your favorite app in the comment section below.

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