Android vs iOS: Which is Best Fit for you

Android vs iOS

Android vs iOS: The question of which operating platform is better has bugged our minds for a long time now. However, the answer to this question depends entirely on what type of features the user is looking for and the amount of money they are willing to spend.

android vs ios

We can’t name any particular platform better than the other. But if you’re looking for a smartphone to buy in 2019, we certainly can help you see a better picture.

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Here are some of the major things that most of the users look for when choosing an appropriate OS for themselves and the differences Android vs iOS possess in all these things.

1. Android vs iOS Updates

When it comes to updates in android vs iOS, iOS clearly has an upper hand. The updates on iOS are released globally for every eligible device at the same time and are more frequent.

While on the other hand, updates for your Android phone can take a lot of time to release and are released in batches. Depending on which company is manufacturing your smartphone.

Another reason for slow updates in android probably is that the vast majority of smartphone manufacturers use Android. As their base operating system which makes it harder and more time consuming to release updates according to the smartphone’s customizability options and user interface.

Another point for the iPhone here is that iPhones tend to get at least about 5 to 6 new version updates. Whereas most of the android phones stop getting updates after 2 or 3  new version updates.

However, if you own Google’s latest flagship phones like the pixel 3 or the pixel 3XL. You are more likely to be the first in line to get all the updates released for Android.

2. Android vs iOS Customizability

For many users, this category is always the game changer. If we compare both the operating platforms in terms of customizability, Android is up for a win here. The customizability options available for Android phones are considerably higher when compared to ones available for iOS.

Since Android is an open source platform it gives an ample amount of freedom to its users which can further be extended by rooting your android device?

Rooted android devices have the highest options of customization when compared to any other operating system-based devices.

The customizability in rooted android operating systems is up to such an extent that it allows you to install custom ROMs in your device. However, there are some demerits of using an open sourced operating system the first being the security of your device.

3. Android vs iOS Security

If you’re looking for an operating system that is more secure and stable, iOS should be your first choice.

Since Android is an open source operating system with a poor rate of frequent updates. As it makes it more vulnerable to malware and exploitations.

Another factor that plays an important role in android’s poor security is that the operating system allows you to install third-party applications that are not available on Android’s official Appstore. However, Google is putting a great effort into making their devices more secure as the days pass by.

4. Android vs iOS Performance

The question that which OS has a better performance varies with the amount of money you are willing to spend on the smartphone you buy. While most of the android phones have better hardware, apple phones tend to have better software optimization.

If you look at any flagship Android phone or flagship iPhone the performance differences between them are going to be negligible.

However, if you’re looking to buy a cheaper phone then Android is the only option for you? Many smartphones from manufacturers like Xiaomi and one plus provide a nice performance at a cheaper price rate. Moreover, various options available in android phones at affordable rated and one can grab them using Flipkart Sale.

If we talk about performance comparison between the two operating platforms considering the hardware is the same, iOS tends to perform better than android.

However, when we compare both the operating platforms considering the price of the phones is the same. Both operating systems perform equally fast with little or no difference.

5. Android vs iOS Ecosystem

The ecosystem of both the software platforms, iOS, and Android is entirely different from each other when it comes to flexibility. Both the ecosystems: The Apple Ecosystem and The Google Ecosystem are the best in the market.

Where one is a really open multi-platformed ecosystem while the other being reserved but with the best ease of access in the business. Users using a smartphone tend to use a large variety of other appliances in addition to their smartphone.

For instance, a desktop, a tablet, wearable accessories like smart watches, smart speakers and that makes a device’s ecosystem.

The Apple Ecosystem

If you ever enter in Apple’s ecosystem it is very unlikely that you will ever leave it. Reason being the incredible ease of access apple products provide when used together. For example, the iMessage app, you can use it across your mac, apple watch, iPad and all the other “apple” devices.

That’s right only other apple devices. Thus, making the ecosystem reserved only to users using products that are all made by Apple.

The Google Ecosystem

Unlike the Apple ecosystem, the Google ecosystem works on a different Methodology. The main features of being in the Google ecosystem is the accessibility that google provides across different platforms.

For example the google photos app, you can download and use the google photos app across almost every other device in the smartphone industry including an iPhone.

So if you’re looking for security, frequent updates and the best ease of access. We suggest you go iOS but if you’re looking for a vast number of customizability options and accessibility around all platforms and devices. We suggest you go for Android.

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