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Best Agriculture Apps for Farmers

Agriculture Apps: When there are so many professions that are going all out tech – why shouldn’t people relate to the agriculture industry?

Like the rest of the world, technology in the agro sector is progressing heaps and bounds. There is literally everything you can find in the apps these days. If you are a farmer or an agro-professional, consider this article a gold mine. Your life is about to become very easy. But the problem is there are way too many apps out there. It becomes hard to choose from.

If you feel overwhelmed by a growing number of apps out there, Michael Hass from No Hassle Mobiles, a former farmer turned mobile phone expert has a solution for you.

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Here are 5 agriculture apps that he knows are best

agriculture apps

1. Nutrient ROI Calculator 2.0 | PotashCorp

PotashCorp’s eKonomics is a renowned name in the agricultural world. They have recently released an app version of their program that calculates ROIs for farmers. It is a widely used platform. The app, which is essentially a calculator app includes spatial variability – a feature that allows farmers to get accurate data regarding needs for nutrients and seeds with respect to the production. This way the farmers get a beforehand idea of their nutrient costs.

Here is the app link 

2. Sirrus Premium Upgrade | SST Software

Sirrus is a data app that allows farmers and agronomists to connect and collaborate on various farming decisions. The app’s main goal is to make accessible the field data that agronomists collect available to farmers. This is way more helpful than not having a clue. Sirrus also contains add-ons like connecting farmers to providers than install fertilizers. It also contains premium in-app add-ons like variable rate fertilizer calculation. The app also covers laws and safety sheets with various recommendations.

Here is the app link for iPhone and iPad 

3. iSOYLscout | SOYL

iSOYLscout is a brilliant and clever scouting app. It allows you to record, identify and mark areas of interest. The app contains built-in GPS. iSOYLscout gives you a detailed analysis of crop records and weed infestations. The app also lets you know about any other feature that you might want to locate on your farm or any piece of land. Any feature you select provides you with an instant measurement of the area. iSOYLscout allows you to plan farming better than ever before.

Here is the app link for iPhone ↗  and iPad 

4. AgVault 2.0 | Sentera

AgVault is probably the most exciting app in our list. It is a controller app that connects with a drone – models that are compatible are DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3 and Inspire. The user can fly the drone, control its altitude, sensors, and sideslips. The drone automatically flies on the path you give it, collects all the data and returns after the completion of the area coverage.

Here is the app link for iPhone ↗  and iPad 

5. GrainTruckPlus | John Deere

This app allows you to manage your team as well as your harvesting. It allows you to locate where your team members are, where elevations are, where do you stand at wait times regarding those elevators. You are also able to communicate with your team about carts, trucks and other supplies. If you want a certain team member to reach somewhere, you even have the luxury of giving him or her directions about a certain location.

Author: Nuur Hasan

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