what does a Graphics card do for gaming

Graphics card for 3D Gaming

Whenever a new game came out in the market, what does everybody talks about immediately. Of course the graphics card. It is the first thing you observe first. Modern games have amazing graphics, especially on the PC. But not every computer can handle these graphics. A good graphics card can go a very long way in providing us with extremely high graphic game experiences by producing shiny graphics and games.

graphics card
Graphics card

What is a graphic card ?

A graphic card is a component that renders the signals that are sent to the monitor. It is responsible for generating all the text and pictures on your screen. A graphic card can be inserted in a PCI slot on the motherboard. It is basically a mini computer inside your computer consists of graphic processing unit GPU and supporting hardware including own power supply RAM and heat sink.

What exactly is GPU and how exactly is it different from a CPU ?

Well GPU is the brain of the graphic card why do we need one of them? Visually what a game looks like matters a great deal to us. As there are lots of technical jargon behind what goes on in order to bring your representations of what’s going on in that imaginary world. It sounds pretty similar when a CPU and a GPU described. As they both solve problems and of course do math’s and provides you with a result that looks entirely different on a screen than it does inside a series of transistors, wires or processors etc. A CPU can do things in a much more in a linear way than a GPU.

graphics card
Graphics card

A CPU may have a few cores 2, 4, 8 or many. The number isn’t really relevant but that’s the number of streams of operations that a CPU can do at a time one per core. The way a GPU works through technologies like CUDA [compute unified device architecture], which was actually developed by NVidia and is therefore not the only technology. Like this but the principles that applies to CUDA is basically apply to most GPU technology.

It’s like a lots of little CPUs, as the core of the CPU is dedicated towards different problems. Whereas all the sub cores of CUDA have be dedicated to a parallel problem like graphics. Essentially a lots of little cores are solving simpler problems than what a CPU might be used for much faster. A geometry problem is really just a few computation and if you have ton of cores dedicated to it at once, it’s going to get solve very fast.

graphics card
Graphics card

Geometry in CPU

Geometry is just a shapes, trajectories and variables that affect placement and angles etc. As to tackle the geometry as fast as it can with a horde of processors. That is why a GPU is better at rendering graphics than a CPU. When you have a limited number of data streams, you want to be using those data streams in the most optimized way. Complex problems often involve multiple threads of information going on at once. On a GPU the problems have to be parallel. The main reason it is good for graphics is it can do so much of one thing at once.

2 gigabytes is enough to play most PC games at 1080p whereas 4 gigabytes is better for playing really demanding games at 1080p or most games at 1440p. 6+ gigabyte is recommended for playing at 4K resolution.


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