How to recover deleted files from Android phone

Recover deleted files from Android phone

So how to quickly and safely recover deleted files on Android for both rooted and non-rooted devices. Files like pictures, messages, contacts, audio and video, WhatsApp messages, documents and other type of deleted files from your Android device. Sometimes files are accidentally and permanently deleted from your phone, but recovery is not as simple. As there are no recycle bins on Android OS. So how to safely and quickly recover any deleted file from your Android phone. So here are the few Apps [Rooted/ Non-Rooted] and Application [Windows/ Mac] to recover deleted files from Android phone.

For Non-Rooted Android Phone

1. Restore Image (Super Easy)

recover deleted files
recover deleted files

As restore image restore or recover your lost image files on your Android. Moreover it is a free App, available on the Google play store. It will automatically search for the deleted files. As it works on rooted as well as on non-rooted phones.

Download – Restore Image

2. Dumpster Photos and Videos Restore

recover deleted files
recover deleted files

As this App acts as a recycle bin in your Android phone or we can say it is a free Android recycle bin. You have the second chance to restore the accidentally deleted files. Dumpster has option of restoring the file with auto clean option and available on play store.

Download – Dumpster

3. DiskDigger Photo recovery

recover deleted files
recover deleted files

After you installed DiskDigger from the play store, you can just tap the start basic photo scan button. The App instantly starts scanning for deleted photos. Moreover you can also set up the minimum file size of the deleted pictures. Once the scan is complete, you can just select the photos that needs to be recovered and hit recover button. Then choose the option to save the recovered file into the cloud storage or custom location in your device.

Download – DiskDigger

For Rooted Android Phone – Root Superuser Permissions Required

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4. Undeleter Recover files and Data

recover deleted files
recover deleted files

If you have a rooted Android device, a simple App named Undeleter will do the job for you. This App not only restore deleted files but also lets you to restore App data, which is pretty cool. You just need to install the App, grant root permissions and select the options either restore the files or data. You can either select a deep scan or a generic scan. If you are looking a particular file type, then do a deep scan and generic scan if you have lost files due to formatting. Once selected, the App will scan your device and start listing you the recoverable files. You can just select the files and hit the save button to simply restore it. This App is available on Google play store.

Download – Undeleter

5. DiskDigger Pro File Recovery

recover deleted files
recover deleted files

Just download and install this App in your Android device. Make sure that, your device is rooted. It ask you for a root permission for running on your phone. Refresh the list in DiskDigger. You need to just open this App and simply scan your SD card data or Phone storage. While scanning, it will ask you for what type of files would you like to search for, like JPG, PNG, MP3, MP4, WAV, TIF, DOC, DOCx, PPT and Backup Zip folders etc. After pressing the scan button, the process instantly works to find lost files. You can select the required file and save to the backup folder.

Download – DiskDigger Pro

For Windows or Mac

6. Wondershare doctor phone data recovery

recover deleted files
recover deleted files

There is an App called Wondershare doctor phone data recovery software. As there are many data recovery software out there. But Wondershare doctor phone data recovery is the best, as it holds the records of the highest data recovery rates in the industry. It is as good as the data recovery software can get and it is very easy to use. First of all, you need to down and install the Wondershare doctor phone data recovery software on your Windows or Mac based computer.

Official website – Wondershare doctor phone data recovery software

Download the software, trying out this software is absolutely free of cost. It can recover data from working, as well as from broken or damaged smartphones etc.

By using these simple methods, you can easily recover deleted files from Android phone in a single click of scan.

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