How to Root Android device using SuperSU zip

Root android device using supersu zip

Root android device – So today we are going to discuss, how to flash or install the file using TWRP recovery. As we know that there are so many or several ways to root an Android device. You can root your Android device with computer or without a computer. You can also root your device by installing a pre-rooted ROM on it. So the quickest and easiest method to root your Android device is with the custom recovery. As this is not a standalone process, you need to have a custom recovery installed on your device. This process will works on each and every Android device.

What is SuperSU ?

A SuperSU is the super user manager App by the chainfire, which manages the root permissions on your Android device once it is rooted. With the help of SuperSU, you can root any Android device especially Samsung. SuperSU works on Samsung device, Samsung galaxy tab, Samsung Note 8 and Samsung galaxy grand etc.

So let’s began to root your Android device first. At this moment your device is not rooted by default. To know whether your Android device is rooted or not, you need to install the root check App. As the root check App is free and you can download this App from the Google play store. At first instance, your device is not rooted, that means your device at this moment is unrooted.


root android device
root android device

So let’s your Android device get rooted. First of all you need to click on this link [] to download the file onto your Android device. It is basically the thing, which will get your device rooted. It is just a one file that will work on every Android device out there. Once the root package [] is downloaded on your Android device, you will then need to turn off your device and boot your device into custom recovery. Once your device is completely turned off, you will need to boot into your device custom recovery.

In most of the Samsung devices, its

[Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button]

pressed at the same time. Once you see the boot animations, then it will take to the custom recovery. Some devices has TWRP or TWRP custom recovery. Your device might be running on different custom recovery like Phil’s. The process is same no matter what device you have or which custom recovery your device is running on.


The next step is over to the install option in your custom recovery. It is usually located at the top and locate the file that is downloaded by you. The default location should be the Download folder, where the file is stored. Once you locate the root package, select and flash it on to your device. It will ask you to conform the flashing process. So click or swipe to conform the flash on the bottom of the screen. The custom recovery will now flash the file into your Android device. It will only take a couple of seconds and finally done in an instant. So we have successfully flash the file using TWPR recovery. Once the root package is flashed on your device, restart your device.


you have successfully flash the file in your Android device. Through this method you can root any Android Device without a PC or Laptop etc. If you have followed the instructions correctly and if file was flashed properly, you will see a new App in the list. That App is SuperSU, which means your device just got rooted. You then need to conform, weather your device is properly rooted or not, just by checking into root check App. Finally grant the root permissions and your Android device is rooted. As this is the easiest way to root Android device. This method is a universal method, which will work on any Android device.


Rooting can void your device warranty and it has risks if done incorrectly. So do it at your own risk.

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