How do solar panels work and how solar panels are made

Solar panels working

Solar panels works as an energy source. The Solar panel convert sunlight into electricity. Over the last 30 years the utility rates have continued to increase by about 6 percent per year. Unless you stop turning on your light using your kitchen and washing you clothes, it will just keep getting more and more expensive. Now you have a choice, you can now tap into sun’s natural energy and use it to power everything in your home.

Solar panel working principle

The sun every day sends 3 trillion watts of free energy on earth. That’s enough energy to power over 3 million homes for an entire year every day. The solar panels harness the energy and converted into clean electricity to power our homes, businesses and lifestyles. The light from the sun stimulates electrons on a solar panel. These electrons creates DC or direct current electricity. The solar electricity travels from the panels on your roof through an inverter to the circuit breaker panel of your house.

solar panels

Solar panels for home

An inverter changes DC electricity into usable AC or alternating current electricity before sending it to the breaker panel of your house. Your home uses that electricity to power the electronic devices we use every day. It is just like having your own created power plant on your roof with an endless supply of clean energy. Anytime the panels are producing more energy then you are using like sunny days.

Solar panel working principle

Instead of buying electricity from a power plant that burns coal and other pollutants, you are taking advantage of the free energy of the sun. As energy rates continue to go up your system produces clean renewable energy at no cost. So increase the value of your home or business by reducing your energy costs. Help save the environment and reduce global warming. So start producing your own clean energy.

solar panels

How solar panels are made

The main ingredient that makes them work is silicon or sand, which comes from rocks. The first stage is to get the silicon out of the rocks. That is done in burning furnace. In furnace, the temperature reaches over 10,000 degrees Celsius. As this is unbelievable hot and quite dangerous. Silicon is used to make everything from window glass to the processes in your home computer. Without it, a solar panel wouldn’t work.

The huge barrels are used to carry it around the factory. In the extreme heat, it is molten liquid silicon. But to make solar panels, certain chemicals need to be added to it. First of all, it needs to be crystallize which occurs in a cooling machine. The silicon is so hot, that is could melt right through it. The cold water is pumped around it as it works which adds like watery air conditioning. The super-hot crystallize silicon emerges from the machine.

Solar panels slices of silicon

The solar panel are made using thin slices of silicon which have two unique layer in them. These are created using two chemical processes which affect the silicon at different time during production. Some chemicals are added to make silicon more conductive. The tank is sealed into a large furnace and left for two days. When the process is complete, the furnace is opened and the silicon block emerges. As a result, these silicon blocks are big enough in size, so it needs to be cut down to size. For cutting these blocks, the diamond tip blades then sliced through it. Cutting individual sized panel columns are ready for the next stage. As these blocks are further sliced into a thin sheet of silicon crystal, which is perfect for solar panels.

The slices must be separated to be cleaned. The freshly cut slices must now thoroughly washed before they can be treated with the second chemical. Now the panels are returned to the furnace and baked to create the two separate layers. The solar panel comes in two different colors. The blue shade is added, so the panel can absorb light and make more energy. The panels are also treated with an anti-reflective coating, which is painted on and then baked into place. Now the panels are cleaned properly, and are ready to make electricity.

High tech computers for solar panel

The high tech computers align the panel and the next machine paints a layer on to them. Finally we can now assembled a full sized solar panel that acts like a battery that generates its own electricity. The panels are connected in rows connected by metallic pathways. The machine can put all the pieces together. The large slice of glass makes the base followed by layers about heated paper. The final layer is the frame to hold it all together.

Solar panels can also works in a cloudy conditions, they just need to be cleaned, installed and plugged in. So these solar panels will work to help us cut down our harmful carbon emissions.

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