How celebrity wax figures are created

The science behind the wax figures. How the wax figures are created exactly matching the person. Today we see many wax figures into the Hollywood wax museum of various celebrities. This museum features various Hollywood celebrities with their realistic appearance.

What’s inside a wax museum ?

As there are many famous celebrity, weather they are from Hollywood, Bollywood or any other famous personality that leads the world. Those wax figures are realistic in looks having original touch. Most of the people used to take selfies, by standing in front of them.

How to make wax figures ?

The famous faces comes to life in beeswax. So it’s almost like seeing them in the flesh but how it is possible. It often starts with the face to face meeting with the subject. During which they take over 200 measurements of the face alone and still more of the body. Drawing on those measurements and using pictures and additional research, an artist sculpts the clay body onto a metal skeleton. This clay sculpture will be used to make a mold. The head of-course receives special attention.

wax figures
Leonardo Di Caprio

How wax sculpture are made ?

They sculpt it in stages and this takes about 6 weeks. As to check the symmetry of the sculptured face, the artist stretches the wire from ample to the chin. The artist measures it from all the angles and compares the numbers to measurements of the actual subject. Each and every single aspect of the clay-face must mirror that of the subjects exactly, so if its even slightly off, the artist makes the adjustments. For the making of the head mold, the worker paints plaster on to the sculpture in 14 different sections.

This multi part mold can be easily removed from the clay head, once the plaster dries. After the clay head has been discarded, the artist then give the reassembled mold a quick rinse. The wax artist turns the plaster head mold upside down and slots it into the wax bench as because it secures the mold during the wax casting. They melt blocks of Japanese beeswax and funnel the liquid wax into the neck of the plaster cast. They let it sit for an hour, just long enough for the wax to solidify and form a thick crust around the inside of the cast.

wax figures
Brad pit

Wax figures museum

Then the artist removes the crust at the neck and pours out the rest of the wax leaving a hollow wax face inside. They set it aside for another hour to further solidify. Again the wax artist removes the plaster mold and comes face to face with the wax creation. Then the artist examines it thoroughly conforming that the detail from the mold has been effectively been transferred to the wax. The wax face is a dead ringer for the humans subject. The artist team then casts the wax figures hands and an artists matches the subject skin tone against a chart. The artist then mixes the paint and dabs the brush in it.

Then the artist strikes the brush with another one, so that the paints splatters across the hand. It further blots up to paint to blend it in. This unique technique gives the wax a speckled look that mimics human pores. Further the artist paints on veins and distinctive markings, as to mimic those on the subjects hands. Then a manicure is applied on the nails as to make the hands identical to the subjects. In the hands of the skilled artist, these wax hands then comes to life. As a medical glass eye spins, the artist blots on a very wild pupil first and then paints paints eye to the person’s iris.

wax figures
Wolverine wax

Wax sculpture techniques

The iris colors and patterns are unique to the individual and the artists replicates those quality as closely as possible. Then the artists glues the red silk threads onto the whites of the eyes, as to simulates the broken blood vessels. They slots the eyes into sockets in the wax head. Then the wax figure is now ready for its hair actually human hair matched to the subjects. They pierce the wax with a hot needle to insert each hair individually. The wax melts and closes around the hair.

This process can take up to 4 weeks. The artist also plug in brows and lashes, then brush on paint like makeup. With his face on, the wax figure now looks true to life. Once completed, the wax figures get movie star treatment. As their hair is washed and styled regularly and their clothing is routinely dry-cleaned. This is how the wax celebrity wax figures are created.

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