Apple iOS 11 features with new looks & animation

Top 10 iOS 11 Features

So today we will going to share the top iOS 11 features. Let’s discover all the new things together. What’s new in iOS 11 as compared to its previous version and see what Apple changed in this updates.

iOS 11 features
iOS 11 features

iOS 11 Screenshots

So screenshot in the iOS 11 were pretty simple. Before you take a simple screen shot and it goes to the gallery. But in iOS 11, you take a screenshot and it floats down to the corner where you can take action on it. You tap on it and then it expands and give you the mark up tools, circle stuff and highlight stuff before sharing it. As a bonus, you can take multiple screenshots and move somewhere else and take another screenshot. All the screen shot in iOS 11 will be shown at the bottom, you can click in, view, mark them all up and share them one at a time or all of them.

iOS 11 Lock screen

The slide to unlock is back, you can actually slide up and unlock your phone without having any pass-code. The notification on the lock screen has been rethought, so you bring up older notifications. So these notifications don’t just randomly disappear but always there. Even the music player which looks really cool fits well with the notifications.

iOS 11 New App Store

Like the App store in iOS 10, iOS 11 features the same App store but it got a huge visual refresh. The new App store is definitely different, if you get used to it pretty quickly. It’s going to be fun to browse kind of the same way you did the old App store just in an awesome way.

iOS 11 Messages

This one got a huge rework from Apple, so the overall interface is a little bit different. Apple had added some new effects, so if you like to go to the screen you can see there are several new effects. There are some new effects in the side of the messages which has been completely reworked. The iMessage conversations will be now synchronized across all devices which is a really cool feature

Siri Improvements iOS 11

Siri improvements in iOS 11 is much faster and marginally more helpful. So first of all, you can do live translations. As it react within a second and start processing everything in seconds when you speak or interact with Siri. You can also edit what you have said. If you want to type to Siri, you can modify your question and do that too. As Siri is pretty much similar to Google Assistant.

iOS 11 features
iOS 11 features

iOS 11 Photos and Camera

The photo and camera got a huge rework on all devices. You actually jump in and take a live photo, you have several new effects and can apply. Moreover you can choose between live a loop on the photo and another once called the bounce. You can choose which part of the live photo these still image you want to keep. There is a new codec used in iOS 11 for video and photos. Which means, your photos will actually takes up two times less storage using the new HEV C codec. So if you have a low storage device upgrading to iOS 11 will be very good for storage. You will be able to take more pictures and lot more videos.

iOS 11 Animations

Lots of things are generally tidier and cleaned up in iOS 11. As there are so many little things that are visually different in iOS 11. So the minor stuff like the bar at the top for your signal instead of the dots and the couple of new icons like new calculator, App store icon and new iTunes icon etc. All that stuff is generally flatter, simpler and more cleaned up. Moreover the new lock screen button are flatter as well, as those buttons are glassy and clean. The dock at the bottom of the home screen doesn’t have any labels anymore. There is a lots of new animation in iOS 11. Locking, unlocking and scrolling is even smoother now. Launching of Apps has slightly different animation.

iOS File browser

The first native file browser for the iPhone. Besides iCloud drive, this one is for the physical files on the device. You will be able to actually see files but not necessarily the actually files of the phone. So this actually combines the iCloud drive and third party applications as well. So you will be able to use your third party once all in one place and quickly copy, paste between them. This is especially useful in iPad. Apple has completely reworked but overall file support file browser, is now available on the iPhone.

iOS 11 Control Center

This is one of the best in iOS 11 features list. As the old control center in the iOS was a little bit hard. The control center now in iOS 11 is full one screen. At the screen above there is a small gap and you can add toggles it. It is actually a customization by Apple. Moreover, you can go to the settings and add, subtract and rearrange as many of the toggles above. In the control center, all the control is pretty intuitive.

You can tap any of the toggle to enable or disable them and also touch any 3D toggle and get a way finer control on a bigger scale. Now record your screen to a video without any cables and even turn the microphone audio on and off which could be super useful. You can find the circle down to the bottom, which is a recorder. This is the biggest and the best improvement to iOS 11 features.

So these are the foundation of iOS 11 features. Apple finally done its best in improving their technology.

Credits: iphonedigital

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